Scott Schuman's Hand

Written By bryanboy

Scott Schuman's Hand

I giggled when I saw these photos from Dolce & Gabbana. We had a little photo op after chatting with the lovely Domenico and Stefano post-show.

Keep an eye out for Scott Schuman's hand. Soo adorable LOL.

Tommy Ton, Garace Dore, Scott Schuman, Bryanboy

Oh to be felt up by a superblogger.  Is he touching my bloated tummy for good luck?


You know, there are people in my country seriously worshiping the ground he stands on. I think I've read a newspaper article a few weeks back by an over enthusiastic local writer who chronicled a big song and dance about meeting him in New York, queuing in line to get an autographed copy of his book… and if I remember it right (feel free to correct me), she explicitly wrote that she arrived there first but she ended up being second in line. Or something like that. So there. He's big in Manille. Heck, he's big everywhere!

photo credit: dolce & gabbana


  1. Ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhh I AM SOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Topmost bloggers!!! Garance♥ Scott♥ Tommy♥ BB♥ I just had a heart attack.

  2. Catherien

    Bitch, I hate you. I was on line in San Francisco for three hours and didn’t get felt up. he liked my shoes, though. :)

  3. Hey Bryan I saw those pics in a magazine here in Japan, something about fashion week. sorry no pic, I didn’t buy It.

  4. love how he squints his eye like he found something under your fab sequins. true love, perhaps? ;)teehee no wonder you showed them pearls!! :)

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