Roman Abramovich's $47,221 Lunch Tab at Nello's

Written By bryanboy

Roman Abramovich's $47,221 Lunch at Nello's, NY

This is what Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's lunch tab looks like.

Roman Abramovich's $47,221 Lunch Tab at Nello's

Apparently there were 6 people in the said lunch though some said there were 10.

Roman also paid an additional $5,000 tip on top of the 20% automatic gratuity…

Fascinating, how the billionaires eat and live.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong line of work. I want to save money to go to the shows again next season. Perhaps I should consider waitressing?

Not in the third world, I guess. 

luch tab via tmz


  1. Love the new mouse pen dealio thing. Totally adds to the INSANITY of this bill!
    ps. yes to the waitressing.

  2. vainmodel

    pure craziness! lucky waiter/s.. I can fly anywhere with that tip! uhmm… i want to apply.. do i need a diploma for that?

  3. I’m a waitress now, and that lunch, and probably many other occasions at that restaurant, would be a servers dream for anyone not serving there! I say go for the job, if you’re looking to save. It’s normally a flexible industry so it can work to your advantage. I too am in the process of saving…NYFW! So the hustle begins.

  4. Veena Phillip

    I love your blog and I am always hats off for you.

    You are world class.

    However, it will be highly appreciated if you try your best not to use “third world” or throw mud at your country.

    At the end of the day, you will realize that it is as great as other countries you appreciate most.

  5. Hi BB, am trying to imagine what outfit you’ll be wearing while waitressing….double treat for diners… and fashion

  6. Douglass

    WTF OMG LOLZ !!!!11!!!!!
    this is going to be my next wallpaper, and I’ll look at it and it will inspire me when I find it hard to pay rent next month!

  7. Well he owns CHELSEA FC, a team composed of some barbaric english guys and money grabbing hooligans like drograrian and cashley cole (cheryl tweedy’s husband. They play bad football but they’re very effective and they win. They can buy anybody they want because of Roman’s money

  8. `yanee_fashionee

    If Chelsea FC just happen to be one of ur volts, not to mention oil companies, stockholder of this and that, and hu knows… some underground bizniz, U can certainly live a rather unusual lifestyle. hhehehe.
    I wonder wat it wud be like to be one of Roman’s children! hahahh oooh the perks! But then agen… he’s tooo rich, being his son/daughter isn’t always a good thing. hehe

  9. As someone who’s been drinking alcohol since I was 14, I know my wine and I certainly know my whisky.Which is why I CLEARLY ANNOTATED, IN RED HANDWRITING, that there are 5 bottles of wine — 3 bottles of La Tache Romanee and 2 bottles of Chateau Petrus — and 2 magnums of Cristal Rose. Are you bad in math? Or do you have eyesight problems? You may want to read what’s in front of your face before corrcting me otherwise you only make yourself look stupid. Or blind.

  10. BB, <— can i call you that?
    I really love your sarcasm, you really pawned him. LOL.
    I'm also poor at Math, but I can comprehend. ^^
    That's all. Natawa lang ako.

  11. on`t you think the words @thank you@ on the bottom of the check should have been printed in bigger letters this time ?

  12. that guy is always in maldives bringing his big boat OMG! i saw it once when i went to his hotel but didnt see the guy Crazy!

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