Rest in Peace My Dear Friend, Daul Kim

I’m sure many of you are just as devastated as I am when news reports came in about Daul. 

We started talking online in February and after many months of endless conversations, facebook chats, we met for the first time in September during the spring 2010 shows in Milan. She invited me to her hotel room where we hung out for hours, just the two of us. She had a TV show in Korea where she takes video footage of herself and her favourite people. We played dress up — she made me wear her clothes, we played with her furs (her Isabel Marant is gorgeous), chomped on toblerone, etc. We talked about Asians and racism in fashion, gossiped about models and mean casting directors, etc. Good times all in all. I could’ve spent the night in her hotel but I didn’t bring any clean clothes with me and we both have shows in the morning. We agreed to meet up at D&G backstage the next day.

Daul and her video camera, just before me doing the whole “Hey Korea, we’re here at D&G, I love you all” moment haha. 

Daul Kim

I’ve been crying the whole day. I just can’t believe she’s gone! Soo young and soo soon…

I feel terrible because we both talk about our personal problems but I didn’t know it’s going to end this way. I feel like I could have done something and I could’ve been there for her more. The last time we talked was last week.

She regularly comments on my facebook wall. Just this Tuesday, she replied to my status message.

I don’t go as much on facebook chat because every time I go there, 200 chat windows show up with everyone in the world wanting to get a hold of me… I should have gone online when she posted that reply and took it as a sign that she wanted to talk!

Anyway, I digress.

Daul, I really miss you so much. I’ll forever cherish our moments. You’ll never be forgotten.

From one fur hag to another, I promise to wear my furs, when I have the opportunity (and where it’s cold), in YOUR honor.

I love you Daul. So much.