Rest in Peace My Dear Friend, Daul Kim

Written By bryanboy

Rest in Peace My Dear Friend, Daul Kim

I’m sure many of you are just as devastated as I am when news reports came in about Daul. 

We started talking online in February and after many months of endless conversations, facebook chats, we met for the first time in September during the spring 2010 shows in Milan. She invited me to her hotel room where we hung out for hours, just the two of us. She had a TV show in Korea where she takes video footage of herself and her favourite people. We played dress up — she made me wear her clothes, we played with her furs (her Isabel Marant is gorgeous), chomped on toblerone, etc. We talked about Asians and racism in fashion, gossiped about models and mean casting directors, etc. Good times all in all. I could’ve spent the night in her hotel but I didn’t bring any clean clothes with me and we both have shows in the morning. We agreed to meet up at D&G backstage the next day.

Daul and her video camera, just before me doing the whole “Hey Korea, we’re here at D&G, I love you all” moment haha. 

Daul Kim

I’ve been crying the whole day. I just can’t believe she’s gone! Soo young and soo soon…

I feel terrible because we both talk about our personal problems but I didn’t know it’s going to end this way. I feel like I could have done something and I could’ve been there for her more. The last time we talked was last week.

She regularly comments on my facebook wall. Just this Tuesday, she replied to my status message.

I don’t go as much on facebook chat because every time I go there, 200 chat windows show up with everyone in the world wanting to get a hold of me… I should have gone online when she posted that reply and took it as a sign that she wanted to talk!

Anyway, I digress.

Daul, I really miss you so much. I’ll forever cherish our moments. You’ll never be forgotten.

From one fur hag to another, I promise to wear my furs, when I have the opportunity (and where it’s cold), in YOUR honor.

I love you Daul. So much.


  1. don’t beat yourself up not being able to do more-you probably did more than you were aware of by just being a friend. i think it’s natural for anyone in this similar situation to feel like they could have changed things… (been there).
    the hurt will always be there but it will become less painful someday.
    all the best to you (and to all those mourning daul’s loss).

  2. Dear Bryanboy,
    Thank you so much for sharing, IF i had known, I should’ve reached out to her more often. I was just at her blog the other day, when she posted her last entry entitled “say hi to forever” I’ve been an avid reader of her blog and lately, she’s been posting some very depressive blogs, (some of them were erased after posting it),she WAS very inspirational to most of us, she has such a beautiful soul. May she rest in peace, and I hope she finally found her eternal forever….T_T
    Goodbye Daul “nicole” Kim aka DAULmonster….김다울 아녱T_T!
    To the most beautiful soul in Seoul….
    PS. I’m still devastated and hopefully when i wake up tom, this is just a bad dream. I will miss you, DAUL!
    PPS. to BB, ayoko mag assume na nag pakamatay siya, sana wag mo rin isipin gawin yon. You’re luckier than most of us, so don’t be uber-sad. Be happy ^^. Sorry for my napaka magulong comment, I’m still SHOCK & DEVASTATED. *cries*

  3. finally… been waitin for you to post ’bout it … she’s a character… my most favorite among her video blogs was the Toy Story/Tolstoy incident… and tipping waiters in NY.

  4. … that Tolstoy/Toy Story incident was really amusing… and was sort of a pun on how asian models were not able to pronounce english properly according to their expectations…

  5. My condolences go out to her family, and I truly wish you the best in coping with her passing. I very much enjoyed the positive note you ended this post on. She’s touched many-a-life, and will continue to thrive in the hearts of those she touched.

  6. RIP Daul

    I’m gonna start wearing fur and collect forks too.
    Love you both

  7. DOn’t be hard on yourself. Think abt it this way, you were a friend to her and that’s in itself is something to smile about. Like you, even i ended up crying an hour after i’d digested the fact that she’s really gone. But the strange thing is that i never personally knew her. It’s crazy how a stranger can touch you with their words(i’ve been following her blog for a year now). Like the rest of us, i can only pray for her family. I pray that god gives them strength to carry on during this very difficult time in their lives. RIP goddess DAUL. You are missed more than you could ever imagine.

  8. oh no.. she was such a creative and unique individual. it was so great to see an asian supermodel. such a shame

  9. RIP Daul
    ur my favorite Korean Model…such a talented woman
    I wish we could’ve done something to prevent this…I will miss u Daul!!! wherever u are, I hope u find peace
    ps: Bryan, don’t blame ur self…

  10. This is tragic, but sweetie do NOT blame yourself. From what you’ve shared you were an amazing friend to her and had the privledge of touching each other’s lives. She will never forget your special connection. I express my deepest sympathies to her family and friends. Keep your head up BB xo

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  12. i cried today myself. i don’t know why. i didn’t know her personally. but i understood how she felt through her words.

    the connection was there even though i never knew her personally. so my tears today was all for her.

    say hi to daul kim forever.



    I extend a comforting shoulder to your BryanBoy.

  14. that’s why it’s never really good to be a model when you’re that young. There’s some level of maturity needed to handle the pressures of the industry.

  15. :( DAUL KIM :(:(:(
    I’ll miss you..
    No, Seriously.. was she or wasn’t she the fiercest of them all at the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009?
    i loved the show and i loved her in that look in particular (look 11), i thought she stood out in that show.
    SO sad, so young..
    she really seemed like a nice and down to earth girl.
    Goodbye Daul, I hardly knew yee..
    P.S. Right on BB! Fight the Stupid hypocrisy of people who protest against fur but at the same time eat meat, wear leather, and wear make up made of fish scales.

  16. she was one of my favourite bloggers. she seemed so down for so long. but sometimes a bit happier. i remember trying to say nice things sometimes just in the comments. what a beautiful woman, especially her mind. she always spoke the truth. i am so sad.

  17. It’s terribly sad to learn about this news…!!!
    As you said…too young too soon to leave this world
    especially one like her!!! RIP Daul, you are and always
    will be in everyone’s heart.

  18. It’s terribly sad to learn about this news…
    First moment I knew…there are thousands of
    feeling bombarding in me…hard to put those
    into words!!! How come a incredibly wonderful
    girl like her leave this world so soon…!!!
    RIP Daul…you are and always will be in my
    and everyone’s heart!!!

  19. Bryan,
    This is so so sad….
    Daul Kim was such a beautiful individual and from reading her blog and reading your memories about her, it seems she was just as beautiful on the inside. I feel your pain about the lost of a love one…I just lost my father a month ago and catching myself thinking if only… I’ve finally learned you can’t do that to yourself…you’ll go mad. Trust me…I almost did. Just know that Daul Kim really thought of you as great friend and that you were blessed to personally know such a beautiful and vibrant individual.
    Keep it blogging! RIP Daul Kim
    Love ya Bryan :)

  20. Still thinking about Daul even today. Never knew her but wish i did.
    After i read about her passing, i read her blog.I never felt like this over a person before after i read it.
    I am wondering why i think of her everyday and it’s dec 6th, 2 weeks have passed since her passing.. I didn’t know about Daul before i found out, nor am i interested in Fashion, yet i’m here thinking about her like it was my sister who died.
    I’m wondering why i can’t shake it..
    Say hi to heaven Daul and maybe we someday meet.
    The last thing she says in this video made me cry..
    she never got the chance…

  21. I still don’t get this. I’m still in the feeilings of hugging Daul year ago at my regular gay club in Seoul. she’d be hanging out with gays but wouldn’t show up that often in that area. so of course i was pleased to see her there. i was constantly leaving comments on her blog entries then. she didn’t budge once to recognize my comments but i didn’t care. i really liked her. so i confront the girl at the vip lounge. all of my gangs know her or at least they said they knew her. but i didn’t need them to get to her sight. i simply block the girl from going to the ladies room (except there weren’t any ladies room) and shouted “DAUL!!!” not even a shy “Hello…” just her name! as if we’re like buddies. and we’re not. her gays had to give me the evil eyes and Daul signed them not to be alarmed. so i just ORDERED her to hug me. not even a “Can i get a hug?” I know…! but i had no choice she could leave any second to pee. so i didn’t stop , decided to go further by asking her if she knew who i was. CRAZY ALERT! but you know Daul’s the type that surprises. she saying that she does know who i am! no that’s not what she said. she just said that she can remember seeing me at some restaurant annual party while ago. me and my boyfriend wore NARS tomato red eye shadows. we killed it tho. and she even KINDA remembers that too! gotta say that moment, i could not be happier talking to her. and despite the effort her gays making to tear us apart i could almost tell that she could’ve as easily identified me as her blog reader the crazy Korean one! i’m positive! kindly enough, she offered me to stay with them and to have champaign but her gays were giving me the “I don’t think so” looks hard-core. and we know i deserve that totally, i actually outed one of them that was telling people he was straight the whole time wearing windy pleats skirt shit all the time (I know…)! poor girl got busted by me while meeting the clients in the area he thought no one knows he had business of. oh well… they don’t know. I KNOW. those clients and me go way back. “Yes you were straight alright. straight woman” it was about fucking time.

    Her back was so slim. of course she is a slim girl. because she is a model. the good one. we all thought so…

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