Reporting for Duty

Written By bryanboy

Reporting for Duty

Just a quick post to let you know I arrived here in Moscow safe and sound after being away from the computer for almost 30 hours. I got here three hours ago.

Five minutes after checking-in at my hotel, I rushed to the Vogue Russia office to meet Aliona Doletskaya once again. This time, not in New York, not in Milan and not in Paris but in Moscow. Aliona, as you know, Editor in Chief of Vogue Russia. Aliona looked stunning as always and her team, super friendly and chic girls, are the best!

Aliona Doletskaya, Vogue Russia

I'm in tears right now, I swear. It's so surreal. I had goosebumps every where I looked in the office — there are so many images of beauty and fashion and art, it's inspirational!

Thank you to my new Russian friends for making everything possible.

I'll post more entries and photos later. I need to get ready soon because I have several events I need to go tonight and I'm kinda late.

I love you all. The best has yet to come. Keep dreaming like I do and don't let ANYONE stop you from doing so.  Because someday, you never know, your dreams might come true! 

Ok ok time to put on my fur.


  1. I so like this bryan… your such an inspiring mamal and i’m loving you for that.. “Keep dreaming like I do and don’t let ANYONE stop you from doing so. Because someday, you never know, your dreams might come true!””..

    cheers to you! more more morsha morsha blessings to come dear..

  2. Maybe you should change “Baboosh” to “Babooshka” for the duration of your Moscova sojourn …

  3. bryan bryan bryan..i think whats truly inspirational to me is you!! you make everything seems possible! we all love you! :) keep up the amazing work!

  4. Bryan,ang galing mo talaga!!Im so proud and happy sa
    lahat ng achievements mo. Hope 2 see u in person someday. Ur my idol. :)

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