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I'm cleaning up my email inbox (shock horror! yes, I know) and I thought I'd share some of my answers to a recent interview I did. I thought they were interesting as in "wow, where did that come from" interesting. I could go on and on and on and on forever…

In any case, I doubt my nonsensical statements would hold up in a petri dish so I'll leave it up to you to make what you can out of em…

Bloggers at the Shows:

Fashion (in spite of it being conservative at times) is about pushing
the envelope and making a statement.  In this harsh financial climate,
designers are finally acknowledging and embracing the internet as part
of their marketing strategies, hence the decision to invite bloggers to
their shows. For designers to 'test the waters' so to speak is a VERY
bold and risky move considering most luxury houses are extremely
protective of their image. To put internet personalities and industry
novices on the spotlight is something that shouldn't be taken for
granted. The value from doing so comes in many forms: from bloggers
communicating to their audience about the show to the press generated
by the said houses for having bloggers there. Personally, I think it's
a smart move and a win-win for everyone. I wouldn't be doing this
interview had I not participated during the show season.

How does it feel to being there? I feel thankful and privileged. I have
always considered myself as an outsider "peeking in" where I shouldn't;
so to be placed in such prime spot alongside – and to personally
interact with – industry veterans whose careers you've tracked since
childhood is truly an honor. Although the view from the frontline is
unbeatable, for a fashion enthusiast such as myself, there's an
enormous difference on seeing a
designer's creative vision up close in real life versus seeing them
online or in
print. I have zero qualms about hierarchy or what have you so seating
assignment is irrelevant; I'm just happy to be at the shows to witness
the magic!

Bloggers vs Print Media:

I don't understand the competition and fight for authority between print journalism and bloggers. They should (and these days, they DO) complement each other. I owe so much of my exposure to print media. Also, I cannot count the number of times I receive magazine cover & editorial "leaks" via email for me to blog about with hopes of stimulating the interest of my readers to buy the said publication. The way I see it is that we all have our own unique voice and perspective in delivering information and opinion to our respective audiences. The beauty of the internet is that it provides anyone and everyone with a platform to be heard. It really is a free for all. Case in point: fashion blogs. Some focus on reportage, some focus on streetstyle images and some even regurgitate what print journalists put out there! And then you have personal journals like mine with an emphasis on fashion whose main goal is to entertain and, hopefully, inspire its readers. I've always considered my site as a very, very light read and that's how my readers like it.

Future of Bloggers:

Cliche as it sounds, we're already seeing what the future is for
bloggers: first-hand access to the shows, traditional media/print
positions, collaborations with fashion houses. Some are turning into
designer muses, some are working with retail stores as guest buyers
while some have launched modeling careers. A few bloggers even have
their own merchandise and/or clothing lines. It's interesting (at the
same time, predictable) how it's all unfolding. Bloggers are, without
question, the new celebrities. You've got a bunch of independent,
passionate individuals who live and breathe
fashion twenty four hours a day and they use the power of the internet
to fuel
their obsession or express themselves creatively to their audience.
It's a great shift compared to the usual, run-of-the-mill manufactured
Hollywood suspects, don't you think? In the end, I'm very curious and
fascinated how long this 'trend' would last and where it would all


photo credit: Marquis de Lannes