New Gemma Ward Pictures (in New York)

Written By bryanboy

New Gemma Ward Pictures (in New York)

Dayumm, those paps are harsh! Just saw these new photos of Aussie model Gemma Ward in NYC last week. I’m not gonna make a comment anymore. I’ll leave that to the ladies over at The Skinny Website. All I want is for her to return to modeling because she was ferosha back in the day but if she wants to take a break, hey, I fully respect that.

Gemma Ward

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Gemma Ward

Gemma Ward

She still looks like Sasha Pivovarova, no? *chuckles* LOOOVE them both!

Gemma Ward

That’s all.

photo credit: fame pictures via faded youth blog


  1. I don’t know if it’s the horrible angle or the dress or whatever, but she is definitely a lot bigger than she used to be. Also she looks so incredibly tired.

  2. fat or not, her face is still TDF! and IMO, she’s sooo not fat. bigger, yes, but definitely not fat! and compared to her old stick-thin self, i like this gemma ward look best! :)

  3. but she definitely not obese as what some people claimed….i guess she just needs to tone her body…thats it..:)


  5. Michael Brambila

    OMG everyone keeps saying she quit modeling because BB bashed on her for gaining weight…I sooo disagree! Didn’t she quit hella long ago because she wanted to act? And although she and Sasha look somewhat alike, Sasha will forever be more AMAZING!!!

  6. If Gem is tired and sad looking then no doubt it’s because photos like these draw such horrible comments and the photos get plastered over gossip magazines.
    If you all loved her so much as a model then why not keep showing her the love and get off her case?? Live and let live, yeah?

  7. That’s what happens when you force your body to extreme conditions like starving yourself. It bounces back.
    A naturally slim woman would remain slim…

  8. I am disturbed by the responses. This is reality. Women are the purveyors of life and therefore suffer the biological consequences that enable this transformation. Too be so wanton in a response is to deny our basic instinct as humans. Have we become incapable of recognizing not only beauty but our ability to survive.

  9. I never liked Gemma Ward. Not a fan.

    What you are seeing now is her true, 22yo, womanly, curvy body.

    Fashion needs to stop using these anorexic 16 year old girls whose bodies haven’t matured yet.

  10. I miss Gemma. :( Well, I think she has proven a lot already in terms of modelling. I mean, she was HUGE back then. Oh well, whatever career path she chooses, I wish her all the best. :)

  11. Hi Bryan, golly goshy you have set off a storm with these photos and your comments. I know you were just making an observation, she has certainly gained weight, but have your comments forced her to quit modelling for good? Love Fashion Editor at Large x

  12. I miss Gemma ):
    man australia is starting to lose some good models..
    first alice burdeu now gemma

  13. I think there’s more to this story than meets the eye… a reed thin model doesn’t suddenly turn very ‘curvy’ (to say the least) in a matter of months. I’m thinking thyroids??
    Why would she sacrifice a very successful career?

  14. disgusting little creatures commenting badly on something as natural as a little cellulite.
    shes healthy and thats that. shes not scarily thin like some certain pathetic people think is ideal. shes not ‘fat’ or ‘plus size’ like some may say either!

  15. She looks great! She looks NORMAL. From someone who has been in the industry, their perception of beauty is an absolute joke. You gain 5 pounds and all of a sudden you’re fat. Good for Gemma for not allowing this fickle industry to control the way she looks.

  16. i hate that you keep posting pictures of gemma. why post it if not to initiate comments cruel or not?

  17. i miss gemma.. and she’s definitely rocking that outfit.
    but she doesn’t look happy in those pictures

  18. OMG. SHE LOOKS SO SAD. THIS MAKES ME EVEN MORE SAD. I am still counting on her to make her come back. She’s my fav. model. regardless of what she.. I can not write on, I do not want to associate anymore negative words about her! I am sorry to say the shape is nah-uh-uh, but it’s her decision, I half respect it (because I am completely ridden on industry expectations, but trying to make an exception!)

  19. some of you need to be drop kicked, pronto. i am absolutely horrified at several of these comments. honestly, some of you are poor excuses for human beings. how can you call her fat? she went from being EMACIATED to looking like a normal, healthy young woman. god forbid she would EAT SOMETHING and gain some weight. i can’t comprehend the madness that would drive someone to call her fat. what the fuck is wrong with you people? way to fuel the fires of eating disorders.

  20. lindsaylohan

    first jourdan now gemma

    someone is killing all the beautiful people in the world

  21. These comments just make me sick. It is normal for a woman to have cellulite, it does not mean they are sick/lazy/fat! Oddly enough its usually the men in fashion who expect women/models to be flawless, skinny and curve-less, why? Gemma doesnt look like her waify self anymore, true, but must we bash her for finally deciding to eat carbs and filling out a little? I want to see a photo of everyone who commented badly about her body, lets see how much criticizm we can generate then.
    For god’s sake.

  22. Wow, she is still a real beauty! It shows that she looks good in any physical shape.
    I totally agree with Dane

  23. i think this is what you call growing up? people tend to forget a lot of models started when they reach full maturity (body shape).

  24. She’s not fat people. she is average. Get over yourselves. Guaranteed, she is the same size as most of you, if not smaller


    I think she looks fine just the way she is. But if she is going to come back to skinny fashion world, and then she wants to loose weight, her skin will probably be in bad condition and sag :/

  26. Go fuck yourself Bryan..!!!the women looks great…leave here alone…!!Love Gemma <3 she looks like a little kitty.. :)

  27. She looks bigger than the usual model standard. I remember those days when she was always the first face in major runway shows. I miss her <3

  28. Is not just the fact that she has gained weight, she looks tired, and for sure she doesn’t look like a 22 year old. I don’t think she applies in the term of normal or regular people, she is/was a model, which are supposed to be an aspirational object of the culture.

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