Natalie Portman for V Magazine 62 Cover Winter 2009-2010

Written By bryanboy

Natalie Portman for V Magazine 62

Photographed by Mario Testino. Flawless!!!!!!!!! I've said it many times in the past that I'm not really a big fan of celebrity covers especially when they're all "glammed" up. That whole Hollywood glam glam glam look is soo tired but no other magazine in America, IMO at least, do celebrity covers best other than V Magazine (ok, maybe W or Star haha). Anyhoo… it's refreshing to see someone like Natalie, who has that all-American sweetheart image, be 'edgy'.But then again, didn't she shaved her head once?

Beautiful, beautiful cover. BTW I like her nose…

pics of Natalie Portman for V Magazine 62 Cover

pics of Natalie Portman for V Magazine 62 Cover

How does Natalie Portman make you feel?

photos via starworks ny


  1. she’s freakin gorgeous. I think i’m jealous..oh no, i know i’m jealous. love the nose,thick eyebrows and her bone structure. If she was 5’10, she’d be giving models some serious competition. I find her insanely good looking.

  2. Mmm looks to me like its an “Homage” to none other than Bryanboy…you sir! :)…the cover pose reminds me a lot of vous.
    She definitely looks fierce.


    I frickin’ love Natalie. She’s incredibly gorgeous, talented, and quite intelligent. Love.

  4. actually...

    she’s looks more like kim ann from hercules and love affair than rihanna

  5. i love natalie portman. to me she can do no wrong (style-wise). i especially am in adoration of the shoulder pads and chains in the second picture. sexy matador.

  6. Oh my god, BB!!!! is that anna wintour?!! that lady one seat away from you? WOW. Just WOW. loveeeet.

  7. No question, she is gorgeous.
    I think the glam mags should do a cover of all the hot models with zero makeup on – would be interesting if nothing else :)

  8. I ADORE Natalie Portman! She’s gorg, talented and one seriously intelligent cookie…she can do no wrong!!

  9. Natalie is my friend in my mind…like Beyonce is to Wendy. She seems so down to earth, and i’m obsessed with her eyebrows. Yea i said it. I love eyebrows and i hope to have the same shape and thickness like her. hehe

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