Naomi Campbell in Moscow

Written By bryanboy

Naomi Campbell

Day 2 in Moscow and I was summoned to go to THE office once more where I met my new best friend. SUPER POWER FEROSHA WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE!

OK I know I look fat because of my cashmere sweater and all the layering goin on underneath but whatevs. NAOMI YOU BETTER WERQ!

Bryanboy and Naomi Campbell in Moscow

No diva attitude here. She's very sweet and kind!

How funny. There I was thinking about Vladislav Doronin before I left Manila then I decided to forget him… lo and behold the fiancee, the iconic werqing supermodel Naomi Campbell is here!!!! HELLO!

Can you imagine how magical the Vogue Russia office is? One of the world's iconic supermodels (and I'm not using the term loosely) casually pops by just like that, you know, just another day at the office… haha!

Ooof. I think I hear fashion fags say 'leave Nay Nay alone'! Haha ;-)


    Lol. Your sense of humor is as great as your sense of style.

  2. Incredibly jealous! I can’t imagine meeting a supermodel, let alone walking into an office with Vogue in the name.

  3. Linda Evangelistic

    Good for you BB. No attitude in Russia for Naomi huh…or else the Russian Secret Service will slap her with more than community service in St. Petersburg if something happened to you.

    A few months ago at a U.S. airport, Naomi was given a choice to mail her hand carried liquid bottle or trash it as it is not allowed on the flight for security reasons.

    Naomi went berserk and asked the TSA Screener, “Do you know how I am?”.

    The TSA Screener answered “No!”.

    That was a SLAP on a diva’s face.

  4. OMG, you are so lucky, she is my favourite fashion model of ALL TIME. Congrats BryanBoy!

  5. Wow :) I hope, you will be in Prague! But I know… Prague is not fashion city, but is beautiful. I live here.
    You look great.
    I love your sunglasses

  6. HI BB, love your smile. YOu really know how to stand out without trying.

    Wonder Twins look great!

    btw, is naomi carrying a hello kitty folder?

  7. Maque DeGorgeous

    OH My LAWD!!!

    She’s probably the only person in the world i’d take a blackberry-induced gash to the head for, and still walk around in public unashamedly… too fierce!


  8. Bryan!!!! You’ve been practising that hip clutch haven’t you? It’s amazing, did Naomi teach you? Basically it’s all about separating the index finger while keeping the middle and ring fingers together and then using the pinky to point upwards like you’re holding a cuppa tea… i think Linda started this actually but she was lazy with it and didn’t follow through most of the time. Guh

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