Moscow Morning

Written By bryanboy

Moscow Morning

I know most people balk and complain about the changing of the season in the northern hemisphere but I welcome it with open arms. For the first time in weeks, I finally feel at peace. I get a strange feeling of calm and serenity whenever it's gray, cloudy and cold. It's not THAT cold in Moscow (in fact the sun is back) but still.. it's a refreshing change from the horrible, humid and hot weather back home. How funny. I spoke to the gorgeous Miroslava Duma last night and we both agreed that us human beings want something that we usually cannot have… like the weather, for example.

Ritz Carlton Moscow

Meanwhile, Claudia Schiffer is on the cover of the December 2009 issue of Russian Vogue

I'm very happy.



  2. damn – that cover is super fab! ehmn..IT’S Mad amazing!
    On the weather though- cold is fabulous. I love winter snow and Santa, but the sad part is, we had always snow in October, November. The last years it has melted away. I guess that is what you feeling when it’s “not THAT cold in Moscow”. Our new “hellish” winters.

  3. I love winter in Moscow, for me it’s the best season to be there. I hope you will have a chance to eat some caviar- another great thing about Moscow ;)

  4. Frrrrranzzzz

    OMG, Bryanboy, you are so lucky. You really serve as an inspiration for someone like me who wants to be a part of the fashion industry. You do what you love and you enjoy it!
    Good luck in Moscow!

  5. i know exactly what you mean about cold, cloudy days. they’re somehow comforting. and i love Miroslava Duma btw, she has such great style.
    fall in love with Tanya Dziahileva:

  6. WOah!bb, you’re looking rough(in the face). Must be the jet lag, eh? Nyways. So happy 4 u!!!!! Don’t 4get to fill us up on your experiences while in Moscow.
    Have fuN!

  7. you’re right. like most people from the northern part of the world, I feel happy and kind of serene when it’s alltime hot and sunny. with grey clouds over mountains, I always feel trapped in a lunchbox

  8. ru strong

    hey ur on the Oz gracia with the same photo up there. ur blog is one of those i regulary visit (when i have the time!) the mag also says ur 1 of their fave fahion bloggers, lots of praises! i can scan it if u want but u probably already know this, or send me an e-mail address i can send that to. sorry for this totally unrelevant msg on this article didnt know how to get in

  9. Glad to hear you’re happy. People really take those words for granted, but they’re honestly hard to come by these days. Sounds like you’re having a fabulous time in Moscow.

  10. You look like you are having a blast in Moscow! Love you Bryanboy!!!!
    xoxo from Paris

  11. I love cold and gray skies too. Kinda reminds me of bitter times we are put through most of our lives and watching the skies just put the bitterness at standstill for a moment. Btw, rockin’ the fur coat.

  12. Glitzy_Rebel

    Totally agree about Miroslava – she’s a sweetheart. Have fun there and try to visit Podium, Tsum, Stoleshniki and Tretiakovskii with their boutiques and Simachev + Chapurin bars! They’re hot now.

  13. Hi Bryan,thanks for your answer,and now I see some posts about Cycles and seasons. Great:)

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