Bringin’ out the cray cray!

Oh bugger. Things have gone cray cray down under!

Gemma Ward Costume

The Australian press are having a field day over Gemma Ward and it’s unfortunate that I’m taking the heat for it.

If you were to believe what the Sunday Telegraph Australia said
today, I (along with other bloggers apparently) “hounded” and “attacked” the beautiful Aussie model and made her
quit modeling.

Click click click!

9 News in Australia reports that fashion bloggers attacked her for being “too fat”.


I think my previous blog post was taken out of context and I feel like
I’m kind of being portrayed as this size-zero “hissing and hounding”,
anti-fat model bully/career killer.

Yes, I made commentary in regards to her weight gain…

I think it’s very sad that Gemma gave up on modeling. She’s a very beautiful woman and I think she could make a name for herself in the plus-size niche. You know, give Crystal Renn a run for her money. I would love to see curvier girls in fashion and Gemma Ward represents curvy women like no other.

… and I stand by, 100%, what I said.

Gemma is absolutely beautiful and I think (this is just my opinion; agree to disagree everyone) that she’s a perfect fit for plus-size (or any for that matter — I just want her to be THERE) modeling as opposed to the world of high fashion which we all know, let’s not be hypocrites here, require girls to fit a very rigorous and very specific standard.

I just it find puzzling how the media thought of it as an attack.

If you or anyone are offended by the comment I made above then it’s your prerogative.

From The Sunday Territorian:

Yesterday, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age wrote this:

For the record, I do not post on Fashionologie, as reported by The Sunday Telegraph in Sydney.

Gemma Ward

And I’m not the one making mean-spirited captions such as “SHOW’S OVER”….

Gemma Ward

or “Gemma Wide”, as posted by ABC News.

It’s gone out of control…

On a lighter note, a friend joked that I’ll probably never be able to show my face in Australia again because a lynch mob of fatties will run me out of town. On the upside, they probably won’t be running very fast.


Worship Princess Tyra…

That’s all.