ATTACKED? HOUNDED? Bringin' out the cray cray!

Written By bryanboy

Bringin’ out the cray cray!

Oh bugger. Things have gone cray cray down under!

Gemma Ward Costume

The Australian press are having a field day over Gemma Ward and it’s unfortunate that I’m taking the heat for it.

If you were to believe what the Sunday Telegraph Australia said
today, I (along with other bloggers apparently) “hounded” and “attacked” the beautiful Aussie model and made her
quit modeling.

Click click click!

9 News in Australia reports that fashion bloggers attacked her for being “too fat”.


I think my previous blog post was taken out of context and I feel like
I’m kind of being portrayed as this size-zero “hissing and hounding”,
anti-fat model bully/career killer.

Yes, I made commentary in regards to her weight gain…

I think it’s very sad that Gemma gave up on modeling. She’s a very beautiful woman and I think she could make a name for herself in the plus-size niche. You know, give Crystal Renn a run for her money. I would love to see curvier girls in fashion and Gemma Ward represents curvy women like no other.

… and I stand by, 100%, what I said.

Gemma is absolutely beautiful and I think (this is just my opinion; agree to disagree everyone) that she’s a perfect fit for plus-size (or any for that matter — I just want her to be THERE) modeling as opposed to the world of high fashion which we all know, let’s not be hypocrites here, require girls to fit a very rigorous and very specific standard.

I just it find puzzling how the media thought of it as an attack.

If you or anyone are offended by the comment I made above then it’s your prerogative.

From The Sunday Territorian:

Yesterday, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age wrote this:

For the record, I do not post on Fashionologie, as reported by The Sunday Telegraph in Sydney.

Gemma Ward

And I’m not the one making mean-spirited captions such as “SHOW’S OVER”….

Gemma Ward

or “Gemma Wide”, as posted by ABC News.

It’s gone out of control…

On a lighter note, a friend joked that I’ll probably never be able to show my face in Australia again because a lynch mob of fatties will run me out of town. On the upside, they probably won’t be running very fast.


Worship Princess Tyra…

That’s all.


  1. Wow they really do bring the cray cray! It’s not like you said anything negative AT ALL! You said she was beautiful and you wanted to see more of her. Being realistic she has gained some weight and now would probably be classed as a plus sized model even though in real life terms she is still skinny as hell we all know the fashion industry worships at the alter of the two Annas, Wintour and Rexia.

  2. laura-the-pix

    i dont think your comments were derogatory (this is coming from a healthy sized australian with no interest in fashion, just a love for Gemma).

    you seemed overall supportive of Gemma’s career and whatever she decided to do with it.

    the comments on your post by other people however…..

    though you shouldn’t be attacked for those cause you can neither control them, and it wasn’t like you were encouraging them.

  3. i actually thought that your comments were kind and encouraging. even though she doesn’t want to return to modelling, she could definately make a name for herself in the plus size niche. the media will always take things out of context and sensationalize everything.

  4. it’s really great to see you continually supporting gemma regardless of her weight.
    too bad media got that twisted

  5. Pah,just another case of lazy journalism being copied by other lazy journos for a screaming headline. How stupid they actually think their readers are? Don’t quite understand why exactly they picked on you. Could it possibly have to do with jealousy? I know it’s hard to argue with disgruntled mummies and nationalism but I’m sure such lame tactics will eventually backfire. In the meantime enjoy your soaring clickrates:-)

  6. what attack?? i thought you were encouraging gemma to return to modelling. I just think it’s sick and stupid that someone would think that the comment you made about the pictures was an attack.
    wonder how the media got it so twisted??

  7. Ain’t no such thing as bad press, B.B.!
    But yeah, you said only nice things about her and everything you said was true… people are stupid.
    Long live Bryan Boy!

  8. Aint no such thing as bad press, B.B!
    But yeah, you said only nice things about Gemma (otherwise I’d have to take my earrings out and meet you in the cafeteria) and are supportive of whatever career she chooses. People are dumb.
    Long live Bryan Boy!

  9. i am from australia and read one of those news articles then came over here to see what all the fuss is about…. looked down for what you wrote and it was nasty at all! to be fair, the article i read didnt say you had written anything nasty, just the commenters, but still.
    dont know this blog very well but if you werent being sarcastic, i thought what you wrote was nice (and truthful). if you do want to be on the catwalk you have to be a stick, which gemma isnt (and there’s nothing wrong with that)
    anyway checking out your blog seems cool i will have to have a proper look through!
    btw. australian media are always making stuff out of nothing. you should see the fuss they are creating because britney spears is ‘miming’….
    well duh!

  10. Caroline

    What we object to is the ‘plus size’ reference. Plus size in comparison to what? .. a stick insect? My beautiful daughter is 15 and a size 12 and every single one of her friends raves about how tall and slim she is. Her recent stint in a deportment modelling school taught her two things a) She is a plus size model already and b) to get used to be a human coat hanger and stop having opinions. She wisely decided that she didnt want to work in an industry which expected her to shut up and or dumb herself down while at the same time being expected to cop the label ‘plus size’ which implies a person is ‘overweight’. She considers herself smart, healthy and blessed with a body that in her opinion, is exactly the way it is supposed to be and wasnt about to pursue a career which would mess with her self esteem and overall body image. I am SO PROUD OF HER. The world needs to stop over-valuing skinny and start accepting that size 6 is NOT the NORM.

  11. But the fact is she isnt fat at all.
    Everyone is missing this vital fact! Sure Bryanboy your words weren’t mean or negative in anyway (only in the sense that you called her plus sized when she isn’t)

  12. it is your opinion, everyone has their right! i think gemma is gorgeous and it doesn’t matter what size she is! you’re on say now! my friend works there!

  13. Well, im from Australia and personally most of australia isnt taking offend to you. If they read your blog they will no that. I actually found your blog by the article and i love your site. and i think what your friend said in this comment is very stupid and immature.

  14. Royby Ban

    Hmm, you’ve received only what you sought.
    The picture(s) in your blog had template text that read “Gemma Ward fat”; I don’t find your “confusion” convincing in the least. Additionally, Ward has been out of modeling for quite a long time; meaning it was very likely she didn’t want to return anytime soon anyway, if at all.
    Yes, I’m Australian. Yes, I only heard about you from Google News sources. I still think that you’re as two-dimensional as all the other fashion commentators, living vicariously though the lives of the people actually living the fashion.
    Don’t feel too bad Bryan, you are but one of many who exalt the objectification of women. It’s never just about the fashion zeitgeist, it always comes back to whether a young lady is “skeletal” or a “fatty”. One day, you’ll realize how shallow and hurtful your comments are.

  15. Plus Sized isn’t a derogatory term. In the fashion industry curvy/fuller figured women are called plus sized because compared to the fashion industries norm, size zero, they are larger. If you dislike the terminology bitch at the industry not BB.

  16. Gemma will probably starve and have a comeback.
    Just wait until she starts tapping into her savings. She will reach for an exlax body and return to reign!

  17. i would believe you but why moderate comments on your gemma post? i posted a comment expressing my disappointment of your post and it was never posted. first of all, why even post it if not to initiate some sort of weight debate? regardless of how you put it bryan, your post screamed “look at her now”. why else give it such a title, two words: gemma ward? i get your sense of humor most of the time but this time you’ve crossed a line. at least gemma ward was a legitimate fashion wonder/icon, you’re just a fleeting and trite entertainment.

  18. I believe in gemma making a comeback whether she have lose any weight or not. I feel that Bryan boy Is just voicing out in his own way to the Fashion peeps tat gemma is nt FAT n she will be BACK! For goddness sake, Medias n papers pls stop writing words tat is made up by u all n nt fr the real intention/interpretation of wat he is potraying!

  19. Courtney Brand

    I don’t think it should be considered an attack – just the usual over hyped useless journalism. Here in Australia most of us pay little, in any, attention to the media these days. In the comments on many stories/reports many of them attack the bad journalism.

  20. Hey, I’m with you fellow Aussie! I read it then came to check out the blog…there wasn’t anything scathing about what Bryan Boy boy wrote at all.
    On another note, it led me to a good fashion blog…any publicity is good publicity?

  21. Don’t worry I was so shocked when I saw your name in all those articles!!???? They just need a scapegoat or some shit

  22. Grabe! Dumating pa tlg sa ganitong lebel. Media… sensationalism… so old fashioned… it’s not a big thing BB. Breathe!

  23. Guardian Angel

    I may not agree with everything that you preach but you’ve become a VERY influential blogger on your own right.
    This should be a turning point for you Bryanboy to be more sensitive and careful about what you say online.
    Anything you say can be twisted against you so consider this as a lesson.
    Yes, that includes calling out on “plus-size” people when they’re not.
    Last, kudos for making headlines. Just hang in there and enjoy the (free) publicity!

  24. bryan boy,
    i am a proud australian, and im sure if we had some blogger who said something about one of your top models you would all be upset too.

    i think its pretty ridiculous to say gemma could be a plus size model- what is wrong with the fashion industry these days?! i absolutely love fashion, and i am a size 6 australian (the smallest size available for women), sometimes not even that, but i would rather see women gemmas current size or bigger on the catwalks, and i would love to be her current size. being very thin isnt as great as people think, so its crazy to call gemma plus size when there are so many overweight and obese people out there. i think its time to re-evaluate our perceptions of weight.

  25. I read your post and viewed your comments as patronising and unnecessary. The posts of your readers were nasty and patronising too. You instigate a discussion over a young women’s body, and it brought to mind Stella McCartney’s comments in a recent Guardian interview over men in fashion. You dish it out, you have to take it back. Do you think Gemma appreciate’s this coverage, imagine how you would feel?

  26. Plus size? to me and alot of australians plus size would be size 16 upwards i bet she still manages to fit into a size 10-12, its a shame that bloggers and media make calls like this, no wonder woman are always dieting and being so damn hard on themselves, unfortunatley we arent all born lanky and bone like, sorry BryanBoy lost alot of respect from your original post and seeing lame fans posting braindead comments in regards to it, lost one fan here

    Good luck in the future

  27. Is your News Limited? Don’t worry about the Daily Teelgraph, it a shit newspaper. Has no standing in real Aussie journalism.

  28. people are acting bat crazy. you didn’t say FAT bb, so there’s no need for people to get so upset. she’s obviously changed in weight, and no one said it was a bad thing. seriously, people like to stir shit up and make this a debate over using the term ‘plus-sized.’ it’s not like you made up the word on the spot. there’s not even a term for sizes 4-12, so what else would you say!!! my goodness people are so … fussy

  29. perthite

    when i saw the news article to begin with, i was disappointed that byranboy, a blog i had followed for a while, said something so mean and came to check the facts, glad to see its mostly wrong.
    while i believe the comments have been take out of context, and certainly twisted by the media, i think it was the words “plus sized” that did it. it is like you are calling Beyonce or Jennifer Hawkins plus sized. She looks perfectly normal to me, obviously not what high fashion dictates but she could still model in regular markets, but she is certainly not large enough for the comment of plus sized modelling, for that she would have to put on more weight.
    anyone else notice how the media have said she has quit? but the statement simply says she has no immediate interest, not that she won’t in the future. SMH got everything wrong..
    feel bad for you also. you may not know it, but the weight issue is big in Aust atm (no pun intended). in the last couple of years there have been prominent media furores over the appointment of several under size zero looking models as the faces of various fashion events, as well as their relative age (one i think was 14 or 16, big stink over it, made all the major tv and newspapers for a WEEK). so in a sense, this backlash has been for a while coming. recently australia’s next top model had a problem when the winning girl was considered too large for international markets. the runner up (also there was a large catfight) was criticized for being very slim, bu has done well overseas. the whole body image and role model thing for young girls is a touchy and controversial topic.

  30. perthite

    went back and read some of the comments on the gemma ward post. spiteful and what probably triggered the mess into a catastrophe. consider monitoring more closely the comments more. the anonymity of the internet leads to many comments most should be ashamed of for even thinking, let alone airing for the world to see.
    also for the idiots making comments about style, it was for HALLOWEEN meant to be bad taste.

  31. overitalready

    crap! whats all the fuss about Gemma Ward? well the photoS dO look like SHE ATE more than an APPLE and A BOTTLE OF WATER. God alright already SHE ATe a whole chicken but she DOESN”T look like she inhaled a pig.
    oBVIOUSLY peePS SHE’S NOT NATURALLY skinny LIKE GIselle Bundchen.
    PUT it simply this way:
    Like people who want to be doctors they go to university for ten years
    Engineers go to university for 4 + years NO HEIGHT AND WEIGHT REQUIRED

  32. wow yeah I’m an Aussie too and I just heard about this too via and I had to check back here but really there’s no “attacking” whatsoever I could find..

  33. oh please, Gemma Ward started packing on the pounds not long after Heath Ledger died, we all saw the on Oh No They Didn’t, so big deal she didn’t keep the pounds off, it’s just a pity since she still has so much potential. Maybe she’ll pull a Kate Moss later on. Somebody gotta take the heat and unforch it was you. Cheers! (somehow..)


  35. plus size is soooo different from calling someone overweight….cmon…THINK!

  36. well, we need all types of comment, write ups, etc to complete the whole spectrum of what is fashion. if you feel that you are being offended then step out of the room..:)

  37. i’m sorry but that’s what you called stupidity.. they created that just to have a write up.. and they found YOU!
    stupid shyyits!

  38. Plinio Lavin

    typical day in jealousy land, listen hunny, i know its hard but just kinda ignore it, if she actually quit for all this, then she’s deff not mature at all to handle a modeling career, you go in this business knowing that everyone’s going to be talking, either good things or not, and she just has to say, “hey! i look great, and i’m in, so to hell them other people!” she just has to accept herself, not let others do it FOR HER, but oh well…this was just MY opinion, its not like if i know the sides to every story, but i admire you bryanboy! and i think your amazing.

  39. Yeah well Gemma Ward used to model in NY, Paris, and Milan regardless of where she came from.

  40. The last time I checked, the word “plus-size” is not derogatory. I guess this is the age of oversensitivity. Tired of the media and the its dumb worshipers taking everything out of context.

  41. i’m also from australia and i agree! but u know, because most of us are so devoid of any fashion knowledge, any mention of a fashion blogger is good publicity!! :)

  42. Hey BB. The Herald Sun actually got confused and called you “Byron Bay” in their printed article. Ahahah fashion blogger “Byron Bay”…I’m going to call you that from now on.

  43. bryan boy i know you from ot and i knew if you said anything it would be in jest, so i came to see what you DID say. and it was nothing bad at all – not even anything bad, jokingly, that could have possibly been taken the wrong way!

    i don’t know what the morons are talking about… this can only be good publicity for you because people will come here and see for themselves that your comments were nothing like how they were made out…

  44. i have a feeling that Down Under is soooo boring that they need to create “write ups” to keep their press industry alive ha ha ha

  45. I can’t believe that it would be such a big hoohah like this.
    Like OMG people.
    Maybe they just don’t read your language BB.
    It is just so high end for them.

  46. oh my goodness !!! it seems like its the mainstream media against an international blogger !!!
    U actually didnt say anything wong…au contraire.. so it makes me think that they must have some other kind of agenda… suspect …….

  47. wtf is wrong w you ppl?
    its just a straightforward post of someone’s opinion.
    just take it as it is.
    is there a need to think tt there was hidden sarcasm or motive?

  48. avant-gard3

    aaaaaand like Americans don’t sensationalise everything. Watching ET makes me wanna bang my head against the wall.
    Btw it wasn’t actually that big of a news in Australia. Didn’t make headlines or anything, came and gone in a day or 2.
    Everyone was expecting it anyway, rumours started that she was “fat” as in healthy, a few months ago.

  49. Freedom of speech must be respected and bryan boy is not encouraging political correctness.
    Grow up ppl and stop forcing openness of media into censorship. I believe in freedom of expression and prise bryan for recognising the need to speak without censorship.

  50. I agree j, All for freedom of speech…not censorship, PC and crap. Not everyone thinks the same, some need to grow up or live their lives crying .

  51. “we all know the fashion industry worships at the alter of the two Annas, Wintour and Rexia.”
    Very well said!


    READ! I dont even know quite why I stumbled upon this pathetic article (by an obese pig faced queen who dares to criticise anyones weight) but apparently

    “Model Gemma Ward has decided to walk away from the catwalk after fashion blogger Bryan Boy attacked her for gaining weight”

  53. Australia has gone kerrrrazyy! So lame, the media here are always making stuff up / adding in their own twists. Don’t sweat it BB, next time you’re here you’ll just be more famous! They would’ve forgotten the whole incident when you remind them how fabulous you are in person.

  54. doesnt matter, its still plus size !! geez. i think your the one who needs to think.

  55. whats with attacking australia and australian journalism?! please people, get a life !

  56. Actually, I wish Gemma WOULD become a plus-size model! I’ve always been a fan of fuller-figured models! There’s a great site with many images of Crystal and other plus-size models here:
    They’re all gorgeous.
    The site’s forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

  57. Hmmmmm you may hate fashion bloggers. Yet you’ve taken the time to make your user name an anagram of one of the most successful bloggers. This, to me anyway, makes your fierce and opinionated comments less, well, fierce.

  58. This is a clear example of why Bloggers are leading the pack, as it has become quite clear that the former old school, mouldy, poisonus, non-sensical, out of touch, rubbish-talking, bad caption writing, ole dollops in the media keep trying to stirr crap to cover their lack of vision, criteria and writing skills. To Bad. We all love Gemma Ward and Bryan Boy :) xoxo

  59. Hi Caroline, I strongly disagree with your statement about the modelling industry being “an industry which expected her (your daughter) to shut up and or dumb herself down”. I write for an international modelling and media company that connects industry agencies, photographers and models from all over the world and we are constantly working very hard to break the myth that the media has built upon an industry which, like fashion itself has long carried with the stigma of appearing as being full of stupid and superficial or dumb people. Models are not stupid nor is being dumb or as you say “a stick insect” a requirement for being a successful model. In fact, the best models are those who are not only intelligent, confident and have a fantastic personality but also models that know their industry, work hard and are passionate about it. You try and crack a different pose every 5 seconds, walk in the most untinkable shoes ever and pick yourself up off the floor whilst the world is looking at you and carry on like a pro, because you know that whatever happens, the show must go on. Modelling involves far more than just being a size 6 as you say, models have to have people skills, selling skills, time management skills, flexibility, uniqueness and even acting skills, the ability to stride, to charm, to enchant and make their mark in their own individual style and that doesn’t just come by being super skinny, hence plus size modelling becoming more and more popular (see the fabulous Velvet d’amour Click Here as a clear example).

    And let’s not forget that the actual people within the fashion industry themselves such as UK VOGUE editor Alexandra Schulman are actively encouraging designers to produce their samples in normal sizes, so that models don’t have to be super thin to fit in them. Come and visit the ModelManagementblog and you will see how many posts are published promoting and recognizing the beauty of both plus and traditional models and the hard work of all of the people who work in this fantastic industry. Modelling is a beautiful and respectable career and as in any career, only the ones that are passionate and work hard make it to the top.

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