Major Lazer – Keep it Goin Louder [video]

Written By bryanboy

Major Lazer – Keep it Goin Louder

Remember that amazing Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 soundtrack Marc used on his show? You HAVE to watch this video. I LOVE!!!

That’s what happens when America joins Eurovision. Hahaha just kidding.

Best music video I’ve ever seen in the longest time!!


  1. Hahaha, OMG eurovision! When have you had the missfortune of experience the euorovision?

  2. Hi, When I saw the LV catwalk on youtube, I liked the song but now I love it, It’s great. The clip is so fun, the music of catwalk must be like this, fun. My favourite catwalks are of Sonia Rykiel for the music and the way the models walk and act it’s so great.
    Thanks for exist, rocco :D

  3. those faces were so disturbing.
    i loved it.
    leave it to you to find it and post it here.

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