Luxury Online + Prada Book

Written By bryanboy

Luxury Online + Prada Book

I'm feeling a bit peckish for some reading material and there are two books I'm looking forward to buying after (duh) reading about them online.

The first one is the 700+ page Prada book. It's 100 euros retail but you can get it for $79 at Amazon

Prada Book cover

… the other book I want is "Luxury Online: Styles, Systems and Strategies" by Uche Okonkwo. I read about it on Women's Wear Daily and it looks promising.

Luxury Online: Styles, Systems and Strategies by Uche Okonkwo book cover

The problem is, both books are not due to be released by Amazon until February next year. That's what, three and a half months?

You may pre-order now but you won't get them until they're out.


photos via: wwd


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