Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Official Music Video)

Written By bryanboy

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (Official Music Video)


Lady Gaga WERQED the hell out of Alexander McQueen! Totes Amaze. TOTES AMAZE! Watch and werq.


Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen Bad Romance video


Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen Bad Romance video

You know what… I need an intervention from this Lady Gaga insanity. Does anyone have Oprah on speed dial? Someone call her and pass the phone to me please.

That’s all.

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  1. ISN’T it brilliant?
    she’s too much to handle..
    im finding it hard to hate her as well..
    seriously.. this vid makes paparazzi look like a disney movie..

  2. doesn’t surprise me at all, don’t forget to mention she already performed Wild Romance during McQueen’s Atlantis show.

  3. I screamed when I saw her in those McQueen dress too. No wonder why he played her song at the end of his S/S 2010 show.

  4. BoozeInMyBlood

    you arent the only one suffering from the Lady Gaga obsession-Ive been absolutely ENAMORED with her from the first time I saw her. Shes brilliant and glittery. I cant take my eyes off her, ever.

  5. BB, you’re the fist person coming to my mind when I saw this video. Gaga is freaking awesomeeee and we all jealous of that!

  6. lady gaga?
    She’s what I call a meteor!
    singers who entertain people for a while.
    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that but then there are people like Madonna who show up 30 years into their career and can still bring it!. And that’s a very different kind of artist.The question is, will Lady GaGa be playing alongside Madonna in 20 years time? She wants to entertain people. Right now, half the world is depressed and they need to be entertained. So her timing’s perfect..
    thats my explanation about the whole LADY GAGA craze!

  7. i came over to tell u that somebody DID gave her the shoes and what do i find…her video! don’t be jealous sweetie. i don’t like her too much. she seems to be a lot of glittery wrapping paper but with not much inside…

  8. i like the video to….but acutally i think that unhasty it could become too much!!! But i like it : D

  9. OMG! McQueen and Ukrainian vodka! We were quite shocked here in Ukraine)
    At least with a help of vodka we become more fashionable!

  10. how does this pass as fashion? she is tacky, obvious, grotesque, there is no substance and we are buying it like fools, confusing fashion for a parade of shocks in glitter in your face! weeee! let’s grow up.

  11. I know I should be condemned for saying this but… the style of the Armadillos look a wee bit like the shoes of the robotic suits found in the anime Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. I do like the Armadillos, but I can’t miss the simmilarity. Anime freak commenting on Lady Gaga..weird, I know..

  12. Lady gaga is amazing and have made herself an icon in such little time. think about it, Just Dance came out for not long ago at all and before that she were pretty much a noone to general public. She pretty much single-handedly startet the pantless trend.
    What is really find fascinating about her though is how comepletely detached she is from an everyday human being. She is born an entertainer. Can’t wait for to watch her go for the coming years of fame.

  13. i think this video is a total crap, only those clothes make it worth watching, but not to listen…

  14. Ohh, I love this video. She is amazing, this video is breathtaking! I have prayed for this moment to happen, and it did, now! When will Lady GaGa come to sweden so I can watch her performing!?????

  15. im dying to know how she got those DOLLL EYES effect ??? please pretty please… :)

    xoxo marius

  16. Lady Ga Ga rocks, her style everything she is not affraid to be different and express herself. I love it she’s so free and un packaged

  17. lol This video played with my mental state for a while as well.Absofcknglutely awesome!

  18. AdhiPuTaw

    I like the video, I think it was good. But it wasn’t enough to kill me. Part of the reason, I think, is Gaga’s fault.

    The concept of this video bears much resemblance to Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. If you don’t trust me, recall Kylie’s video’s similar all-white background, red dance costume, and her dancing with relatively large number of dancers in outrageous costumes. And this is where Gaga stumbled (in my opinion).

    While both singers’ costumes are equally sick, perhaps Gaga is even more, Gaga didn’t dance and work her outfits as good as Kylie did with hers. And by “good” I mean looking really confident and really evoking the upbeat spirit of the music. Gaga seemed kinda awkward in her choreography. And the choreography itself looks pretty basic, Dancing 101. I don’t see much progress from the 80’s crotch-grabbing LoveGame to futuristic Bad Romance. But maybe that’s just Gaga’s style.

    And when it comes to facial expression, Gaga didn’t look as sexy, strong, edgy, devilish, and fierce as she could’ve been. I think Bad Romance demanded more and Gaga didn’t quite live up to it. Kylie, on the other hand, nailed the video completely. Can’t Get You Out of My Head was full on sexy. I don’t know what to think of Bad Romance.

    Nevertheless, Bad Romance will go down in history as one of music’s most fashionable video.

  19. onbekende

    those clothes are really coooool :D
    i looove lady gaga(ll)
    she’s the best!!1

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