I've Got Nothing to Wear Notebook by Smythson of Bond Street

Written By bryanboy

I've Got Nothing to Wear Notebook

Some of my older readers should know by now that I'm a big fan of Smythson of Bond Street. Remember the Little Black Book I kept from many, many years ago?

Little Black Book

I was just browsing their website now and I saw this cheeky "I've Got Nothing to Wear" notebook from their Malachite collection.

Smythson of Bond Street Malachite Collection I've Got Nothing to Wear notebook

Nice, no?

At £57 each, they're gonna make a lovely (albeit pricey) stocking stuffer this holiday season. Go!

photo credit: smythson of bond street


  1. Lovely! Gorgeous color. I couldn’t resist and looked at the whole collection, the pieces are all fantastic! I adore the jewelry cabinet *gasps at the price* a girl can dream, right? :-)

  2. PS: could you please just tell me who is the girl you’ve posted about a few days ago, the “Anna Wintour short version”, I wanted to re-visit her blog so bad but I can’t remember the url :/

  3. i love it when you do post like this. good old time talking about nonsensical stuff and getting laid.

  4. yeah.. I agree on those writings. nostalgic and whoa—heart pumping memories.. <3

    On the other hand, the most expensive notebook I ever got is the moleskine from Fully Booked..

    Well, it’s the thought that counts anyway (not the tag) =)

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