Gemma Ward Has NOT Quit Modeling.

Written By bryanboy

Gemma Ward Has NOT Quit Modeling.

Hallelujah praise Jesus. Gemma has spoken and she rendered all the recent press reports that she "quit" as null and void. Fashionologie blogged Gemma emailed the West Australian newspaper that she'll be back working next year.

Gemma Ward

Good on ya Gemma! Can't wait to see you back.

That's all.

photo credit: british vogue, twitter


  1. She’s a young girl. She’s not gonna quit being in the spotlight just yet. Young girls live for that! especially if you happen to be a successful model who’s recent weight gain has been analyzed all over the net. Girl’s like revenge. I won’t be surprised to see her return next year looking skinny like she hasn’t had a proper meals in days.
    Women love to silence their critics & make a comeback. I personally know a girl who used to be the “hot” girl back in high skl and after she let herself go the past few years, she’s intent on making a “comeback”. she wants to silence everyone who ever questioned her hotness. i’m serious. girls can be so funny sometimes. lol.

  2. Bryan, are u sure it’s her real twitter? it’s not a verified account =D lots of posers on twitter though

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