Fox Fur Tail Keychains (DIY Louis Vuitton Spring 2010)

Written By bryanboy

Fox Fur Keychains (DIY Louis Vuitton Spring 2010)

Unless I find a benefactor or win the lotto soon, I have no option but to DIY those super cute Louis Vuitton fox fur tail keychains I saw at the Spring/Summer 2010 show Paris.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010

I found these (real) fox fur tails on eBay for $29.99…

Click click click!

Fox Fur Tail Keychain

… and some non-toxic pet fur dyes for $16.49 each. Yes, I know. I researched. Hahaha!

pet safe fur dye

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Pink Dog

Pink Dog

photo credit: eBay, arcata pet supplies, shayne mckinney


  1. i love it when you do post like this. good old time talking about nonsensical stuff and getting laid.

  2. BB theyre gonna be selling the fur keychains and leather accessories separate in stores.. i heard from a friend there!

  3. Getteline

    its funny that these foxtails r going to be a spring trend, inner city sneaker heads been wearing them for years lol
    Although marc jacobs is a big fan of the trickle up theory. :/.

  4. It’s sad that people will wear the skins and furs of animals that were brutally torchered in small cages.

  5. People have to think about things like this.
    A poor and harmless animal has been locked up in a small cage for months and then it was killed for the fur YOU are wearing !
    That’s really a crime ! Fur is murder !

  6. I was thinking of buying and LV bag soon, I might reconsider!!! I wish someone would do these in FAUX fur!!! I can do leather, but I gotta DRAW THE LINE AT FUR!!!

  7. thats not cute:/ i wouldn’t buy real fur…they should make it out of man-made fur

  8. Honestly I love fox tails, especially wearing them with my outfits. I only buy them from sellers at the Renn Faire though. (Most of them aquire theirs by hunting to prevent over population. Plus they use all the animal. (Not just fur, bones, meat, etc.)

  9. Nathália

    Using fur is never justifiable, it’s cruel and sad. And is really ugly by the way.
    Jez.. I like fashion, but sometimes it can be really disappointing. We can only hope that people think about their attitude and how it affects the world around them.
    Buying fur just makes this horrible market grow!
    not to mention what fashion imposes.. like being super skinny for example

  10. I bought a faux fur fox tail ,it’s cute and cruelty free , they’re not THAT hard to find. A quick google search will yield some results .

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