Financial Times (UK) + FT Weekend Life & Arts

Written By bryanboy

Financial Times (UK) + FT Weekend Life & Arts


There's a lovely article on today's issue of the Financial Times about fashion bloggers and I'm on the front cover of the Life & Arts section with that historical not to mention soon-to-be-iconic photo on the masthead of my blog. The headline? "Editors in drug-crazed front row romp shock with fash fag blog slag." 

I'm kidding! 

Financial Times FT Weekend Life & Arts

"I'm in the front row with Anna!" The famously formidable editor of US Vogue sharing the front row with a laptop-wielding blogger called Bryanboy? What in the fashion world is happening?

It's the Financial Times y'all, not the Sun or News of the World LOL!

Financial Times FT Weekend Life & Arts

It seems as if the amazing and talented Tavi aka Stylerookie is my partner when it comes to newspapers. Remember the Wall Street Journal piece not too long ago?

Thank you so much FT, Nicola and of course, my friend in London Michael for waking up so early to buy the paper. Can't wait to get it in the mail!


  1. Kick ass BB! I hate you though, cause now I have to get up off my fashionable ass and go and buy it before the shop’s shut and it is so cold and windyyyyy outside!!!! But I love ya so here I go…

  2. you are the philippines’ rep for fashion as pacquiao for boxing.knock them out gurl..

  3. Elisabeth

    On the flight to Spain from cold UK. WOW you look amazing on the FT front page!
    Bonus Bereft Bankers eat your heart out!

  4. It will only be a matter of time when PRINT will die if it doesnt evolve. The magazines are becoming more and more obsolete with the advent of bloggers, online 24/7 news. VOGUE needs to reinvent itself into becoming more than just a magazine – it has the heritage of being the style bible and trendsetter – it is a formidable brand. It should look at other forms of media – outside of print. If it doesnt evolve, pretty soon, the magazine that fashion bloggers and fashionistas worship will cease to exist.
    In the words of Meryl … “That’s all.”

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