Debbie Downer No More

I’m usually a cheerful, giddy, happy person and I don’t like being a
Debbie Downer but my god, what a bloody week. 


It started last weekend. Had lots of ups, lots of downs…. it’s like taking a ride on this crazy emotional rollercoaster. Perhaps the universe is playing with my emotions to make me tougher? It’s hard to describe how I feel. I’ll hear unpleasant news in the
morning then I’ll get emails mid-day with mindblowing good news then at
night I’ll hear something very depressing. It’s not good because all these feelings and emotions get in the way of
my obligations. It’s affecting my productivity. It’s affecting my work.
Never in my life I’ve felt so anxious, in love (yes — don’t ask), excited, tired, lonely, exhausted, paranoid, thrilled, worried, happy, etc. All in the past few days.

I’m SO over it now. OH. VAH. I want my sanity back!

It’s early Sunday morning and starting today, I’m no longer allowing my emotions to get in the way of what I want (and have) to do.

Buckle up folks. This blogger is going full throttle. BIG things are about to come.

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