Debbie Downer No More

Written By bryanboy

Debbie Downer No More

I’m usually a cheerful, giddy, happy person and I don’t like being a
Debbie Downer but my god, what a bloody week. 


It started last weekend. Had lots of ups, lots of downs…. it’s like taking a ride on this crazy emotional rollercoaster. Perhaps the universe is playing with my emotions to make me tougher? It’s hard to describe how I feel. I’ll hear unpleasant news in the
morning then I’ll get emails mid-day with mindblowing good news then at
night I’ll hear something very depressing. It’s not good because all these feelings and emotions get in the way of
my obligations. It’s affecting my productivity. It’s affecting my work.
Never in my life I’ve felt so anxious, in love (yes — don’t ask), excited, tired, lonely, exhausted, paranoid, thrilled, worried, happy, etc. All in the past few days.

I’m SO over it now. OH. VAH. I want my sanity back!

It’s early Sunday morning and starting today, I’m no longer allowing my emotions to get in the way of what I want (and have) to do.

Buckle up folks. This blogger is going full throttle. BIG things are about to come.

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  1. emotional rollercoasters is what makes your character….and you have an awesome character

  2. I know…you would definitely get through those emotional roller coasters that are now playing around you and those would later in turn build up an incredibly strong awesome “YOU” like you always are!!!
    Cheer up, BB ^^;;

  3. life is a roller coaster, some choose to hold tight and not look. some choose to feel the excitement in open arms. some choose to unbuckle their seat and fall off. some never even try to ride one.

    this year has been bittersweet.

    i am happy for where you are.


  4. baaah, I know what you mean, I’ve been on the same fucking rollercoaster for quite some time. hold on tight and try not to throw up =) just kidding, hope you feel better though!

  5. Thanks for the pic darling!
    Don’t let emotions get in the way… but
    we all love/need a little insanity ;)
    ox BB

  6. Brian – love your site. You’re very talented. I had to check out Ladytron. They’re good.

  7. my god i’ve been going through the same shit! only mine stem from birth control pills… i’ve been going craaaaazy!
    although i’d think i’d fair better in your fabulous sequin pants and a chanel on my shoulder.

  8. Maque DeGorgeous

    “Full Throttle”
    “big things are about to come”
    “…in love…”

    where are you going with this post hun? LMAO! or do i have my mind in the gutter?

    PS> recently acquainted with this blog – too FRECHE!! lurv’t!

  9. At least you are freakin famous BB!!!! I have the exact same sindrome (according to the doctor it is a new desease also known as blogging your bloody socks off) I write 1,2,3,4 blogs 2 of them twice a week, so fucking imagine! Obviously though, unlike your fabulous self, I do not have a bursting inbox full of exciting emails although I have to admit that the comments of my little blogs are increasing by day… All from fucking spammers trying to sell dildos, drugs or fake Louboutins via my blogs. Talk About Debbie Downers! :) love ya! xx and yer pants.

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