Daphne Guinness at NARS 15X15 Launch

Written By bryanboy

Daphne Guinness at NARS 15X15 Launch

Marc Jacobs and this amazing living entity named Daphne Guinness hosted the launch of Nars 15×15 in New York last night and boy do I have more photos for you. This, right here, is the mothership of fierceness. Lady Gaga who?

photo of Daphne Guinness at Nars 15x15 Launch

Click click click!

photo of Daphne Guinness at Nars 15x15 Launch

photo of Daphne Guinness at Nars 15x15 Launch

photo of Daphne Guinness at Nars 15x15 Launch

photo of Daphne Guinness at Nars 15x15 Launch

What say you?


photo credit: life


  1. Way to cover up half the dress with her accessories. Not hatin’, just observin’. Maybe I’m just jealous about the armadillo McQueen’s.

  2. I don’t like the metal belt (don’t know if it’s a part of the dress…). It really does nothing for the outfit and all it does is remind me of one of those UCF winner’s belts with the shape and metal material….
    Although, she is OWNS those mcqueen shoes and her crazy take on a full up do beehive.

  3. malaychic

    Holy Guacamole McQueen cheese! I love the hair especially.

    Mother of Fierceness she is. Tyra who?

  4. I don’t like this look of Daphne (esp the first pict) because she looks like auditioning for a remake of “thriller” or something. But i think she rocks those mcqueens!!

  5. How you guys dare to say that she is not elegant on these pictures?? Daphne BORN elegant, she is über-chic, there is no woman in the world like her!

  6. ugh…too much happening…but the first thing that needs to go is that splotchy orange bronzer…

  7. i think u need to have long pair of legs to make it work in those shoes.if u have short legs the shoes will only make u look shorter eventho its fiere as hell we hav to admit here dat not evryone can werq mcqueen’s creation

  8. Trying too hard?
    This woman is incredibly flawless!
    IMO, she’s killing those mcqueens a million times better than gaga that’s for sure

  9. OMFG just read what coco perez said about this (WTF is up with cocoperez, as in the ndesperate and unoriginal name??) i decided to reply to waht he said here, as i do not have a twitter accoutn and could not reply directly there: I think she is the ultimate style icon. She is ferocious and fierce is a word that self-involved “models that are plus-sized, and/or are short are realistic” tyra banks. Her life is like this, it isn’t her image it is who she is and she has always been, she doesn’t follow trend she follows style, and even though there is still mis-mathery she does not by any account in my mind fil on any level. Lady Gaga makes clothes accesible and desireable, Daphnes Guinness makes them aspirational and impossible. So no, according to me, she idd not fail. (She is the original definition personal style)

    Yhh it’s long i know but still

  10. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but those boots remind me of a certain type of bird – flamingo maybe? Wonder where the inspiration came from?

  11. When I saw those shoes on the run way I immediately fell in love and labelled them as haute couture, but never day wear…. just got proven wrong, and love it!

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