Cate Blanchett for US Vogue December 2009 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Cate Blanchett for US Vogue December 2009 Cover

Aussie actress and Vogue favourite Cate Blanchett, in a gold Donna Karan resort dress, is on the December 2009 cover of American Vogue.

Cate Blanchett for US Vogue cover December 2009

I don't know what it is and I'm having trouble pinpointing it now but I feel like I've seen this cover — or look/concept – somewhere before. It's sooo familiar!

Thoughts on the cover?

photo credit: annie leibovitz for vogue


  1. Ummm…metallic dress, same pose, and windblown hair?
    This is my beef with Amer Vogue. There is no attempt to provoke with the cover. Every one is the same. The eye gets tired with the repetition. Even if we have to look at the same celebrities, it might be interesting to change the cover presentation.
    I am also hoping for less Annie Leibovitz. Just because she is broke does not mean she should be allowed to shoot back-to-back awful covers. I mean, I have no money, but I do not get to shoot Vogue covers.
    Just a thought.

  2. Malaychic

    It’s likethis months’s cover all the girls from the movie Nine.
    Sooo not creative….


    isnt it too much like angie on the desert 2 or so years back? anyhow yet another boring cover with nothing in between to read :(

  4. Bland, Bland and Bland. US Vogue covers have become more commercial and less high-fashion. It’s same formula they use every month – celebrity photo, too much writing on the front ( some of the blurbs belong on Time Magazine ) and some white caption in the corner. Boring!

  5. She looks like a trophy carrying the red carpet. Perhaps a pre-Oscar thing. Charot!

  6. This cover is not fashion at all. What has happened with US Vogue lately? A lot of lame covers and just totally ininspired!

  7. i just feel like all these covers feature women wearing gowns in a random’s annoying

  8. Photolover

    Before i even saw this cover and found out that Cate was gonna be in the cover i was like “ugghhhhh not again” and when i actually saw the cover i was like “EHHHHH” sooooo boring boring boring…. what happened to anna wintours creative covers in the past with the models…. conde nast is paying too much money publishing uselessness… American vogue makes fashion useless to our world while foreign vogues make fashion ART!!!!

  9. they need to bring back high fashion!! be creative vogue! and yeah it does look like anges photo, long dress boring looking at the camera!

  10. I totally agree with you BB. Vogue America’s formula has always been the same. Repetitive! White female(90% of the time an actress), wearing a pretty commercial gown with a nature/plant based background. They need to experiment and that includes with their models. Take a risk!Put some gorgeous non-white face on the cover.I’m sick of seeing the usual Kate Hudson, Kiera Knightely, Sienna Miller, and Charlize Theron.I’m glad i stopped my Vogue subscription long time back. Things haven’t changed one bit.

  11. Gwyneth Paltrow Vogue cover… promoting Ironman… blown hair, metallic dress
    Blanchett in 2004 Vogue… metallic dress, blown hair…
    Blanchett in Feb 2009 Vogue…. metallic dress
    they all look the same,


    sooo lame ideas and with such a look u wouldnt even notice. i mean, no question, european vogue issues are and were always better anyway BUT THIS IS GETTING TOOOOO LAME!!!

    either american vogue finally shows off with some ideas or they seriously have to change the leading power!
    YOU CAN SEE EASILY FROM THAT COVER THAT MS. BELOVED WINTOUR HAS REACHED THE YEAR 60!!! she seems to be one of the people who really go out of skills that age!

  13. The bottom line is magazines have to be SOLD. In these times especially..Anna ability to SELL is what’s keeping that magazine in print.. it’s nice to live in a fashion fairy tale, but reality is a must at times. I’m sure the many Vogue employees are thankful..possibly through resentment and scorn, but nonetheless, still thankful ;D

  14. it’s seems to be channeling boticelli’s the birth of venus to me…’s a stretch but that’s what I feel!! what do you think?

  15. Anna Wintour, BryanBoy was sitting a seat away from you at the D&G show. Don’t you get it. It’s time to be fearless even if the auditors are on your back. Do something new for 2010. Let’s bring back the models. Let’s make the super once more. So bored bored bored.

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