Алёна Долецкая – Истории в Деталях (video)

Written By bryanboy

????? ???????? – ??????? ? ???????

My knowledge of Russian is very limited but I love this video interview of Vogue Russia’s Aliona Doletskaya at ??????? ? ??????? (History in Details).

I wish some generous soul put English subtitles to it but oh well.


  1. Hi BryanBoy!
    Thank’s that you put this video of Alyona! She is One of my favorite Russian Woman! English Teacher! :) СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ!

  2. Bryanboy – you have a lot of russian speaking readers)))
    We can help you with the translation %)

  3. vikafanco@yahoo.com

    I CAN TRANSLATE IT FOR U.DEAR,IN A BIT,CAUSE I AM RUSSIAN ,the only problem is i havent figure out how to use my new mac!!but if u want me to—i wil try to figure out .babooooooosh

  4. alena is wonderful and charming person, shes my favorite vogue diavol with carine roitfeld :)
    i am russian, and i can translate it for you, but not now, maybe tmr? :)

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