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Written By bryanboy

self service

Yesterday afternoon before the extraordinary Alexander McQueen show and the super fun Fendi party, I popped by the self service magazine offices for an impromptu shoot. They shot me and the ultra chic and ultra beautiful Giovanna Battaglia. If you’re a streetstyle blog fan (ie thesartorialist, jak and jil and many, many others) I’m sure you’ll know who she is.

Me waiting for my turn to get my make-up done..


Click click click!

I apologize for the blurry photo but omg Giovanna is ULTRA CHIC in real life!!

Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna you betta werq!

Giovanna Battaglia

The lovely Ezra Petronio going through my polaroids..

Ezra Petronio

It was so nice meeting everyone considering I went there by myself not knowing a single soul. Thank you so much for having me there. I definitely had fun!

As for you my dear readers, I guess you guys have to wait a few months before the new self service issue comes out!

Keep an eye out for it. Visit


  1. what an opportunity !!! thats amazing and im set that photos turned out … EFFIN amazing haha!! cant wait to see them.

  2. Wow Bryan, you looks SO beautiful here :)
    I’d love to take you on a date!

  3. wow that is fricking awesome Giovanna is as gorgeous as ever. oh you are just having too much fun in Paris oui oui haha!

  4. stan and kyle, channeling chef

    BB!!! You are one hunk-o-hunk-o burnin’ loooooove… We wanna make love to ya BB. Let us lay ya down by the fi-ya…
    Those love handles we claimed to see the other day… Well, we lied.
    Enough of those Parisian models. We wanna to see BB, the majas model (pardon our “Tagalog”, si vous plaise).

  5. wow – the second shot in this post is one of the photos of u that i really really like: on this photo you look…wow… can´t explain :-) if i would meet you somewhere on the streets with that view of your eyes… i would fall in love right now… i need a cognac right now :-)

  6. kittykat

    Waiting for your makeup? You don’t need makeup, your skin is flawless! I’d love to have your skin.

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