Royal Oak, Michigan Streetwalker

Written By bryanboy


Here I am roaming the streets of Royal Oak, Michigan trying to find a place to buy cigarettes at 1AM.

Streetwalker Royal Oak, Michigan

Someone has got to pump up the volume cause it's all hoodies and baggy stonewashed jeans in the midwest.


  1. stan and kyle

    Standing by a manhole… MEN!!! Yeah!!! But WTF is this pic in Detroit at night with a discarded lamp wearing Project Runway Christopher’s ATROCIOUS mylar balloon pants?? Had you put diamonds on your crotch, we could have forgiven… Fat Filipino boys must be careful, dear…

  2. you are such a slut! and i like you that way! come stay with me in NYC the next time you are here and we will have a ball – but then we must tear up my home town in up state new york- for more baggy stone washers and hoodies – and a few more fashion trends you will see on the run way! think cleaning lady chic or mental illness madness! Thanks for making me laugh!


    I love those pants…:p can u give us a hint where u got those… please pretty please oh fashion god

  4. this is too good. you should make a habit of “helping out” some more small towns or cites or places like that.
    minds are better when they’re blown.

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