Romulus, Michigan

Written By bryanboy

Romulus, Michigan

[warning: post may not be safe for work]

After Paris, I immediately went to Michigan to visit my aunt who has stage 4 colon cancer. I arrived in Detroit airport very late at night. Instead of taking a cab to go straight to my aunt’s house (which is quite a long drive), I checked-in at a modest airport hotel smack right in the middle of nowhere. I was tired, knackered to the bone and all I want was a nice warm bath, a glass of cheap vodka and a few cigarettes.

Click click click!

Quiet night flight from JFK to Detroit. Got upgraded to first class. Woohoo! Thanks, Delta!

No cabs in sight. Waiting for the free hotel shuttle.

A warm bath is all I need to get rid of the French stink.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I spent more than ten minutes looking at myself on the mirror, contemplating how exhausted I am from traveling over the past few weeks: Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Tokyo, Minneapolis, New York City, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City again and now Detroit. I wanted to capture how busted and tired and drained I am and this pic represents that.

All is good though. Where would I rather be? Boringo Manila? I’ll pass.

Devoured 10-piece chicken wings and a whole pizza from Cottage Inn.

Good morning! This parking lot in the middle of nowhere is my view. Rogelio my dearest, this is what I saw when I cried on the phone for being soooo disconnected from the rest of the world.

It really is so humbling to be somewhere extremely remote.

Werq that self-timer.

Run! Pose! WERQ!

Clarion Hotel Detroit Airport Romulus, Michigan

Clarion Hotel Detroit Airport Romulus, Michigan

That’s all!


  1. Blog about the video you posted on YouTube…. Tell us what went down with that cute blonde!

  2. This is my first time here, though I heard about you originally a few months ago. I’m assuming you work as some sort of consultant in the industry? Nevertheless, I hope your aunt pulls through. : )

  3. i love the colour washes in those bathroom pics and im totally jealous of your iteaniary over the last few weeks, even if u had to slum it sharing front row with anna wintour isnt a bad consolation and to the people who took the time to log on to simply post the reply ‘faggot’ i hope to god, that for your sake you are still actually a child

  4. Daniel Allen

    BB – please come to Toronto! Holt Renfrew loves you – it’s fashion week here you would make it much more fab!

  5. oh bryanboy i love you! so do me a favor and eat some protein, those arms are scary…
    you can still avoid carbs… come on!!!

  6. centerfold material… that naked pic will create more fuss and bizz for you! mark my words!

  7. BoozeInMyBlood

    BB, you in front of the nail shop in MI is fucking PERFECT.
    If you cried over being there…your pretty lil head would explode in my hometown. Really. Mine does almost daily.

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