Romulus, Michigan

[warning: post may not be safe for work]

After Paris, I immediately went to Michigan to visit my aunt who has stage 4 colon cancer. I arrived in Detroit airport very late at night. Instead of taking a cab to go straight to my aunt’s house (which is quite a long drive), I checked-in at a modest airport hotel smack right in the middle of nowhere. I was tired, knackered to the bone and all I want was a nice warm bath, a glass of cheap vodka and a few cigarettes.

Click click click!

Quiet night flight from JFK to Detroit. Got upgraded to first class. Woohoo! Thanks, Delta!

No cabs in sight. Waiting for the free hotel shuttle.

A warm bath is all I need to get rid of the French stink.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I spent more than ten minutes looking at myself on the mirror, contemplating how exhausted I am from traveling over the past few weeks: Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Tokyo, Minneapolis, New York City, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City again and now Detroit. I wanted to capture how busted and tired and drained I am and this pic represents that.

All is good though. Where would I rather be? Boringo Manila? I’ll pass.

Devoured 10-piece chicken wings and a whole pizza from Cottage Inn.

Good morning! This parking lot in the middle of nowhere is my view. Rogelio my dearest, this is what I saw when I cried on the phone for being soooo disconnected from the rest of the world.

It really is so humbling to be somewhere extremely remote.

Werq that self-timer.

Run! Pose! WERQ!

Clarion Hotel Detroit Airport Romulus, Michigan

Clarion Hotel Detroit Airport Romulus, Michigan

That’s all!