Philippine Fashion Week

Written By bryanboy

Philippine Fashion Week

Saw this HYSTERICAL screenshot from someone's twitpic account.


TAMBLING. ANG TARAY NG LOLA MO HINDI KO SHA KINAYA! Hoy mga bakla ano ang Louis Vuitton fashion week? Sama naman ako jan.

On a different note, I *still* don't understand this whole obsession with social status. I've always thought the class system is obsolete especially in this day and age of individuality, you can be wherever you want to be on your own merit or personal capacity.

Is there anything wrong with wanting something SO bad? I don't see anything wrong for anyone to be crazy about joining the PFW festivities. Heck, I wouldn't be wherever I'm at now if I didn't (desperately if I may add) want to be in NY/Milan/Paris/Timbuktu/Whathaveyou.

Ah well, that's the third world for you.

Perhaps they should all go to Couture Fashion Week in New York?

(yes it's true, there's a Couture Fashion Week in NYC!!!!)

Thank you for the laughs!

screenshot via lotho


  1. vainmodel

    hahaha!!! di ko rin kinaya ang Louis Vuitton fashion week!! hahaha!!! i’ve been to PFW before but sad to say, there are only few models who really deserves to be one.. maybe i’m just used to those international models? and when it comes to “socializing”, there’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure that you won’t be a “feeler” and exaggerate yourself. :)

    Couture fashion show in NY? shooks! can’t wait to see you there BB! ;)

  2. haha, hilarious twitpic shot. There’s absolutely nothing crazy about wanting to be part of Philippine Fashion Week. I myself am really bummed that I won’t be in the Philippines till a handful of weeks later.

  3. LOL Bryan! panalo ka talaga LMAO social mountaineers? lol louis vuitton fashion week? lol He’s the real social climber because he refuses to credit our local fashion week…that fag needs to eat a lot of humble pie! Buti ka pa Bryan, di masyado malaki ulo hehehe ;p go girl! werkkkk

  4. I havent been to PFW or any real fashion show,, but I love reading about them.(in the dark).. Louis Vuitton Fashion Week? In what planet did that happen?? lol!!

  5. richstrich

    maybe he’s just bummed because in truth, he didn’t get any invites to any show at all. HAHA! Social climber kasi kaya he’s lashing out na.

  6. so much for his passion for fashion! Looking down at people who support local shows and designers is such a hypocritical thing to do for a self professed person w/ passion for fashion.
    Shame shame on them wannabe paygots. They give the fashin fags a bad name. BRYAN BOY Trump them wannabes please!! You are the epitome of a humble fashion fan.

  7. love your own… bakit hindi ba magkakandarapa yang harold na yan pag taga ny or paris ang magsend ng invitation? (not refereng to bb here, i love him) kung sa palagay nya kacheepan ang ipatronize and pinoy talent, well mas kacheepan ang nagfefeling feelingan na maiinvite sa ny at paris fw.

    to harold paki analize lang… read you post mga 3 times mas social climber ang dating mo… ay sorry social mountaineer pala sa louis vuitton fashion week… wow feirce daw oh… ay may nag agree pa… kaloka tong mga bading na to.

  8. I got an invite for PFW too and actually watched one show. It’s a great way to show support for the local fashion industry. Maybe, just maybe he didn’t really get an invite kaya bitter ang lola mo. Thank you for the laughs!

  9. Hi! I read about your blog in a magazine. ;) Ngayon ko lang ivvisit.
    This Harold person sounds very bitter. Not to mention wrong grammar pa siya. HAHAHA! ;))
    Those people, lalo lang silang nagmumukhang pasosyal. Ayaw nila ng PHILIPPINE Fashion Week? Puwes ikick out na sana sila sa bansa natin. Hay they make me mad!

  10. There’s nothing wrong with attending a fashion event here in the philippines. There are a lot of talented designers here.
    Their useless chit chat makes me cringe.
    Lol, these guys had better check their grammar usage,
    they’re the ones who are ‘trying hard’.
    (These people doesn’t have…)
    My Gahd, shit, mag-Tagalog k n lng, neng.
    As for the shows in milan, paris, new york,
    not all of them are good,
    in fact, a lot are shitty.
    A lot of the designs are just copied from influential designers like Rei Kawakubo.

  11. There are some Filipino Designers that are good actually, but telling them social climbers?!!? LOL, what? and ROFL on LOUIS VUITTON FASHION WEEK.

  12. :))))))))
    Sana pinakita mo rin yung surnames. WellDeserved and selfDelivered humiliation! xD

  13. The worrying thing is, I can almost imagine Paris Fashion Week being renamed Louis Vuitton Fashion Week.. LVMH are very powerful in France!

  14. I know, that’s what the guy said. lol.
    ”I rather go to Louis Vuitton Fashion Week”

  15. oh, that was harsh, i do not like phil fashion week either(only very few people interest me) but saying something like this to these people whether or not true is a crime..

  16. You just made me miss the Philippines. Lol. Ahhhh..the pretentiousness…mali pa ang grammar..
    Thanks for the laugh..Lmao.
    I hope I can go to PFW when I go back home…graduating in 2 yrs!yey!=)

  17. I agree with you Bryan. This is the age of individuality.

    What can we do? ALL Filipinos are social climbers. The RICH think that they own the country and aspire to be future royalties. The poor look up at movie stars and aspire to be future showbiz personalities. There is a little IMELDA in all of us. AMININS. Social climbing is the ROOT cause of all the corruption going on.

  18. ” Ano ang LV fashion Week?”…”Sama naman ako diyan”
    —kakaloka. Thanks BB for making us smile

  19. Anton Mina

    The local fashion industry should be supported. The participants and attendees of the Phil. Fashion Week are integral parts of the industry which should be supported especially during this world-wide crisis.

    The West focused their attention to the Lesley Mobo, Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda, Apl. de Ap, Cristeta Comeford etc. etc. etc. of the world because of their culture of meritocracy. People are rewarded based on their talents not on their social background or looks.

    In the Philippines, if you do not have the right family name, social background, school, or exclusive village to boast of, you are considered a social climber.

    That is wrong! One reason why the best of the Filipinos shine abroad and not at home.

  20. this Harold just another FUGLY Jealousy Fag bb! just shut up when u dun wanna go, wat with being the socialites? I love it, love it love it love it!

  21. Yeah, I’d love to go to “Louis Vuitton Fashion week” too. Where does it happen – the city of CHANEL ???

  22. oh my! this is hilarious! may be there is a Marc Jacobs fashion week?

    BB, you are right… social class should be obsolete.. We have to note that socialites and actresses did mingle at the Phil fashion week..

  23. haha LOL.. laugh trip ba to??? LOUIS VUITTON FASHION WEEK!!! nagsarili na ba si Marc Jacobs.. haha… baka magalit niyan ang Chambre Syndecale du Pret a Porter… haha LOL

  24. the reason he’s not going to PFW is because he’s a social climber himself. may pafierce fierce pang nalalaman….
    Hail BB! the greatest!!! love you BB!!! have a nice day.

  25. Social climbing at Philippine Fashion Week- really?! I believe the correct term you’re looking for is social NETWORKING. Isn’t that the point of fashion week (besides the obvious love and appreciation of clothing)?

  26. Oh so true my dear, so true. Let people enjoy their own celebration of fashion.

  27. Ryan Flores

    “they are just trying themselves to fit in… but excuse me, no rooms for crowd like you.”

    Jeez, where in St. Ignatius de Loyola’s name did you go to school?

  28. prince irish

    kapal ng face…hahahaha….sana kasing nipis na lang ng kilay nya..awtz

  29. first-time-bryanboyblog-reader-and-loving-it

    People of the upper class won’t be where they are today if they didn’t “social climb”.
    There’s no such thing as “social climbing”. There is only the human need to improve on himself/herself.

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