Philippine Fashion Week

Saw this HYSTERICAL screenshot from someone's twitpic account.


TAMBLING. ANG TARAY NG LOLA MO HINDI KO SHA KINAYA! Hoy mga bakla ano ang Louis Vuitton fashion week? Sama naman ako jan.

On a different note, I *still* don't understand this whole obsession with social status. I've always thought the class system is obsolete especially in this day and age of individuality, you can be wherever you want to be on your own merit or personal capacity.

Is there anything wrong with wanting something SO bad? I don't see anything wrong for anyone to be crazy about joining the PFW festivities. Heck, I wouldn't be wherever I'm at now if I didn't (desperately if I may add) want to be in NY/Milan/Paris/Timbuktu/Whathaveyou.

Ah well, that's the third world for you.

Perhaps they should all go to Couture Fashion Week in New York?

(yes it's true, there's a Couture Fashion Week in NYC!!!!)

Thank you for the laughs!

screenshot via lotho