Only Yvan…

Written By bryanboy

Only Yvan…

Only Yvan Rodic, the very handsome and very ooh la la guy behind the famous Facehunter blog can make me sit on top of a military truck on the streets of New York after the Marc by Marc Jacobs show for a photo op.



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  1. I love your shoes, which brand is it?
    “Just take off your shoes, just take off your shoes, you’ve nothing left to loose, just take off your shoes!”, like Tiga’s song “shoes”. HahahaIt might look an average “Joe” for you, but like when you go to a model agency for the first time, you got to go simple, and not “photoshoped”. I think it is the way he looks now on the pictures, simple, and it has to. For sure on future campaigns he’ll be invited for, he will be like all the others, full of make up and bla bla bla.
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  2. I adore your hat and well, you’re hole outfit. I’ve seen you on the videos a couple times, you always look so great :)

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