James Franco for Gucci by Gucci (Outtakes) [video]

Written By bryanboy

James Franco for Gucci by Gucci (Outtakes)

And this is why luxury fashion houses should NEVAH hire a celebrity to star an ad campaign. I can’t even imagine how many millions of dollars James Franco got paid for his Gucci ad campaign (stolen from a model, as always) but watch this video. He’s off the rails, I’m telling you.

He can’t even pronounce Gucci correctly. Speechless. Please tell me this video is a spoof. Or some ‘twisted’ viral marketing thing to promote the fragrance. Please.


  1. OMG!!! This is hilarious, what a moron!!
    P.s. I haven’t visited your blog in a while but this post made me put it right back in my RSS reader. Love you Bryanboy!

  2. Right.
    If that’s a spoof (it has GOT to be a spoof), I’m curious whether or not Gucci gave James Franco approval to do that video.
    Luxury houses are generally very very protective of their image.
    I’d die of shock if Gucci gave approval for James to say “Fuck Gucci by Gucci”….

  3. you know this is a joke right? funny or die does stuff like this all the time

  4. cattirun

    lol love funny or die
    it IS a spoof. Don’t know if they ask for permission; but if they did and i were gucci i’d say yes… funny or die has good press and it doesn’t make the brand look bad imo

  5. I’m certain it’s a spoof. James Franco is super smart… isn’t he an alumni of Columbia University?

  6. I love how he spits on the camera at the end when he was just slurring everything

  7. It’s a spoof. He is very smart! He did it to mock his last-minute cancellation as the UCLA’s commencement speaker.

  8. It’s a spoof. He is very smart! He did it to mock his last-minute cancellation as the UCLA’s commencement speaker.

  9. bryanboy, you should be aware of OTHER things, not just fashion. it’s a lampoon from harvard university in cambridge. Harvard Lampoon is an undergraduate humor publication and social organization founded in the mentioned university. the said university does it 5 times a year.

    while i admire your fashion determination, it certainly also clouded your better judgment.

  10. anonymous

    I can’t believe some people would actually think it ISNT a spoof. I guess people living overseas don’t know about Funny or Die?

  11. I can’t believe you fell for this! It’s a spoof. Very obvious. Even babies know how to pronounce GUCCI.

  12. Bryanboy. Seriously. You’ve just made an ass of yourself. James Franco takes the piss out of himself (and his work) constantly for Funny Or Die.

  13. how can you be stupid enough to believe its not a spoof. stop living in your fashion cave.

  14. Bryanboy, nothing should be exempt from satire, especially “luxury houses” which are “very, very protective of their image”. Freedom of speech can’t and shouldn’t be gagged by dollar bills.

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