Daphne Guinness' Killer Nina Ricci Shoes

Written By bryanboy

Daphne Guinness' Killer Nina Ricci Shoes

Thank GOD it's the eternally fabulous and ferosha Daphne Guinness who got to wear those killer Nina Ricci shoes.

Daphne Guinness wearing Nina Ricci shoes

As for those McQueens…. please, for the life of god, do not loan those shoes to ANY celebrity (yes, Lady Gaga included) to wear them in public. 

photo credit: easyfashion



    LOL! I agree with you about McQueen. The idea is very innovative but…not very good looking ;)

    And Daphne…she’s the most elegant woman in the world.

  2. Daphne Guinness isn’t an idol of mine but she can still rock anything she puts on and she apparently is a sweet heart. Those shoes are killer.

  3. I always wonder how much weight this pair could carry.is it wood or metal supporting the soles?

  4. It looks to me even the Daphne Guinness is struggling with those shoes. Her posture looks awkward, like walking on tiptoes, her eyes are on the ground, and her lips are like saying “whew”

  5. Even though the particular ones she’s wearing aren’t my faves, i’m glad she got them rather than some worthless celebrity…
    my dearest bryanboy,
    i’m saddened to report some tragic news
    if ANYONE is gonna wear those McQueens, without a doubt it’s gonna be that way overrated starlet, Lady (yourfacemakesme)GAG – a

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