Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre Paris

Written By bryanboy

Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre Paris

The lovely Fred of Easy Fashion, one of my favourite French streetstyle blogs, took this wonderful photo of me at the Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre where the Louis Vuitton show took place yesterday.

Cour Carrée Musée du Louvre Paris

Jacket, leather pants and shoes from Rad Hourani, Chanel bag, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Topshop t-shirt.

Between you and me, I'm shocked that I look nice (ok, presentable, but I could've WERQED the LOOQUE harder) in this photo. I was all sweaty, coughing, huffing and puffing when I got to the show venue because I sprinted (in five inch heels) from the wrong metro station. Not good.

But the result, well, voila, pas mal…

Thank you Fred!


  1. jrpatao

    You forgot to mention the ultra cheap five dolla Marc by Marc Jacobs rings. hahaha

  2. You have a realy cooool blogg! like your outfit! I wish sweden cold have more people like you.
    take care//Daniel


    You are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! How can anyone NOT love you! It’s madness ;)

  4. reynacontezza

    BRB na joklash! na star-struck ako sa vunggah mong outfit! i am green with envy! inggit akiz! your fashion matching in this picture is just awesome! and if i may add, you look like catwoman! gorgeous! lahat na yata ng superlatives ay na mentioned ko nah!!!

    or picture can be deceiving? just kidding!

    i know this is one photo which is not photoshopped!!!

  5. goodness gracious, this must be the male version of lady Gaga………… least from the 3rd world country!!

  6. you’re either so skinny that you’re about to die in the next two hours, or you’re just mad.
    he looks gorgeous in those clothes.

  7. not sure about the shoes… its kinda distracting in your look.. LOL and u either look fat in that jacket of yours…

  8. Argggh ! With ALL this fabulousness, how come I didnt even saw you once?
    Grrr. Not happy face! Lol!
    You gorgeous.

  9. Extraordinaire! It would make my day if I saw someone wearing this outfit on the metro!

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