Anna Worshipper Part 3

Written By bryanboy

Anna Worshipper Part 3

There's more where these came from. I don't think the fash pack had seen anything like this before. I'm talking about Chris Crocker/Britney Spears levels here.

Anna Wintour Worshipper

Anna Wintour Worshipper

Anna Wintour Worshipper

Get ready for Anna Wintour's biggest fan! Visit

photo credit: kasmslo


  1. I checked her (totally incoherent) blog, too. She’s definitely a nutcase. :o)

  2. bryan………………………….

    what a perfect post to get everyone in the mood for halloween; because honestly, this is the most terrifying thing i’ve ever seen. i keep looking at it and thinking to myself, ‘THIS EXISTS!?!?!?!?!?!?!’.

    i’m going to go cower in a corner right now.

  3. Douglass

    I went trough that phase like 3 yeasr ago. But then the relationship got cold, mostly because it was in my mind.

  4. Okay, just checked the blog. She’s the real deal. Somebody get VH1 or E! on the phone immediately – she’s the next reality TV star. (Of course I would DEMAND that bryanboy receive Producer credit.) It’s a win-win for Earth.

  5. Developerholic

    Omg, Anna Wintour is jsut one person beside you. I’ll die (Rachel Zoe tone) if I were in your shoes. I’m super zealous of you.

    About the worshipper, that is way way creepy @_@

  6. Hmmmm. Just visited her blog. Seems to have a problem with here photobucket? She’s a nerd cutie girl that seems to have innocent face but beneath is a fire that glazes inside her eyes. Nice Fashion blog though.

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