Anna Worshipper Part 2

Written By bryanboy

Anna Worshipper Part 2

Going to extremes…

Manolo is dat chu?

I'm about to pass out from too much laughing, sorry.

Anna Wintour Manolo Blahnik

Wow. Just wow. I honestly don't know what to say.

photo credit: kasmslo via fashin


  1. She is hot but I found something hotter at It’s a tee that says “every girl needs a gay” and just imagine if every straight girl had a gay boy or girl friend how great the world would be.

  2. Anna Worshipper Part 2
    >> hey, in response to that voodoo doll of Anna Wintour… isn’t having all those needles poked into it, like some hardcore junkie, aren’t having needles poked in like that like, bad luck or like mean or something?
    lol. hardcore junkie. score.

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