Alexandra Shulman at Celine Spring 2010

Written By bryanboy

Alexandra Shulman at Celine Spring 2010

I smiled when I found this photo of British Vogue's Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman on Twitpic. She looks so calm reading a book or perhaps, her notes? I thought this photo is cool.

Alexandra Shulman

Needless to say, why do I have Anna Wintour's voice at the back of my head? Remember September Issue? Remember the conversation she had with Edward Enninful?

Where's the glamour? It's Vogue, okay? Please, let's lift it.


photo via jeanbrowngroup @ twitpic


  1. I love the way she lives life, don’t giving a damn for what the others could say about sitting on the street. I’d never see Anna Wintour doing this. I love her, but she takes life too serious, that’s why Carine is more Wow.

  2. Okay, I really think that appearing vulnerable and approachable is so much more admirable than looking down on people from high horses.

    Me too!
    I wish I was there so I’ll sit beside her and tell her “hey Alexandra yo wassup gurl?”

  4. I keep saying this.. she is actually really cool in this low-key way..
    At the Christopher Kane show in London Anna Wintour arrived in a huge Mercedes with blacked out windows which was driven right into the venue so she didn’t have to walk past any plebs on the street, but Alexandra Shulman just jumped out of a Volvo and calmly walked in with everyone else.
    Ultimately she does a really great job with British Vogue though, and that’s all that matters.. all these internet comments about ‘she doesn’t look like Vogue, she doesn’t look glam’ are pretty stupid.

  5. Can you imagine how frustrated Anna must have been when she worked at British Vogue?! I think though, stylistically, Shulman has a certain insouciance in just sittin’ on a step. It’s a little bit rebel; punk in a middle-aged-woman sort of way.

  6. Alexandra Shulman is boring. This photo, along with virtually all her photos on Google search proves it. As a fashion editor of an iconic magazine, she should be the epitome of style and glamour. She’s really just a big frump and the reason why she still has her job is because she happens to be good at what she does, I suppose. She certainly doesn’t live the life, though!

  7. funnily she is always this way and this season in london did look real awkward at the shows with anna over trumping her!
    i remember the first time seeing her at a show years ago i actually did not recognise her and just asked my colleague who is this frumpy woman with a tache!

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