Alexander McQueen's Python Armadillo Shoes Spring 2010

Written By bryanboy

Alexander McQueen's Python Armadillo Shoes Spring 2010

The lovely folks over at British Vogue graciously shared the latest arrival in their fashion cupboard: a pair of Alexander McQueen python shoes appropriately named "the Armadillo".

Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer 2010


Alexander McQueen Shoes Spring Summer 2010

Call me crazy but I'd sell my soul just to be able to try them on. Even for one fleeting second.

OK, maybe an hour. Or a day.

photo credit: British Vogue


  1. jr patao

    im gay (and self-confessed 101% Alexander McQueen Fan). Me too, i already consoled myself to be back to being straight after wearing this on a Sunday Mass.

  2. These are so beyond amazing. UGHHH!!!
    Thanks for posting this pic- its so cool to see them next to a “normal” shoe height!


    @ JR,

    I’m gay too and that doesn’t mean i’d wear this. I find the idea very original and unique, but… not esthetical.

  4. id sell my soul, and my body to alexander mcqueen just to have a pair.
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE alexander mcqueen.
    i wouldnt mind havin him as my sugar dada….lmfao

  5. i’d love to try them ..
    gosh! 12 inches..i wonder if someone would be brave enough to wear those in the streets..

  6. ConfusedGirl

    How exactly do you wear them without breaking the bones in your feet?

  7. Those are quite possibly the most amazing shoes I have ever seen. EVER. Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer, thank you so much for opening my eyes up to the armadillo’s fabulosity! Unfortunaly I don’t think I could walk in them, but they are nice to look at!

  8. Those shoes are light years beyond ugly…they look like a horrid caricature of chinese lotus feet(the foot binding for beauty gals!! If this style of shoe gets popular, then I am CERTAIN the end is upon us. We have reached the end of our rope in everything including aesthetic creativity, I truly hope, somewhere out there, there is better design!!
    look at this site for multitudes of shoe concepts and designs!!

  9. I have always admired Alexander McQueen, but even great minds go off the deep end now and then and these shoes are a reflection of that. I saw them on the latest cover of Bazaar on Demi Moore – and she looks like she has a major foot deformity. For the sake of art, the shoes are interesting, but none-the-less absolutely fugly and they will be loved by orthopaedic surgeons everywhere – no doubt whoever is crazy enough to wear them will need their services. Make sure your medical insurance is current!

  10. Every time I see them, my eyes are getting wet.
    I SO want them, but there price is from 4000$ to 10000$, that’s too rich for me. But if there would be a chance, I would sell myself.

  11. Arielle

    How do these shoes work? Where does your foot go? I am going crazy trying to think of how the foot rests in there shoes.

  12. I totally agree I mean the shoes are nice but I would not wear them to break my ankle not at all.

  13. Ms. Cutie Pie

    I really like matter a fact love ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SHOES. If only I had the money to afford I would give up my rent money for a pair of those fabulous shoes only if I had a apartment lol.

  14. Fashion is suppose to be about beauty…..PLEASE tell me where in the hell the beauty is at in these shoes. THEY ARE THE UGLIEST SHOES I HAVE EVER LAID MY EYES UPON! Just straight up tacky.

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