Wall Street Journal

Written By bryanboy

Wall Street Journal

Imagine waking up to find yourself at the Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal

Insane. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely mention!


  1. Hey BryanBoy,
    This is your chocolate sister, Grace, from the Coffee Shop. It was awesome meeting you the other day and funny enough, I used to work at the Wall Street Journal. Amazing that you had a mention/photo in the Journal. Love your blog, it’s going on my favorites! Keep In Touch!

  2. Baby Hercules

    such a good article! i didn’t even know they did a weekend journal.
    i opened the paper and was like “the wall street journal is cool too???”
    you’re awesome bryan!

  3. I’m so disappointed, Bryanboy! You are almost not blogging no more, because you are busy with fashion weeks and stuff. But you have to remember that you get these opportunity to be involved in all this because of our readers!!!!

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