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Back in June, I swore to myself I'll never get photographed beside a model again because I'm not comfortable with the huge disparity between looks… but the inevitable happened. SUPER POWER WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE! Backstage at Dolce & Gabbana, holy moly it's Natasha Poly! 

Natasha Poly and Bryanboy backstage at Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2010

Me and my favourite model in the history of all time. The most ferocious walker ever, ever, ever, EVER! I'll never apologize for saying I love her more than I love Gisele, Kate and Naomi COMBINED.

Now, can we please go to WERQ?

That's all.


  1. Gisele is still my number 1 fav.
    But yeah, after all, gisele still needs someone to fill up her shoes one day and it is definitely going to be natasha

  2. Lloyd's of London

    Seriously BryanBoy I am so jealous! I would’ve fainted If I saw her! And yes she’s better than Naomi, Gisele, and Kate combined! WERQ BryanBoy WERQ!!!!

  3. BB how was her walk irl?
    Did you get to talk to her longer than you did last season at Marc Jacobs? If so what did you talk about? Thanks! lol

  4. You, Bryanboy are so incredibly lucky, you have no idea how much I desire to have a mark in fashion the way you are doing so. Being BACKSTAGE at DOLCE AND GABBANA, that’s a dream. AND NATASHA POLY? You must have met all my other fav. models at D&G, well except Gemma, but, wow, luck is in your orbit!

  5. She’s awesome and there’s nor reason to apologize to love her more than Gisele, Kate and Naomi combined because she is stunning.

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