Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2010 [video]

Written By bryanboy

Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2010

Beautiful show from Marc as always. Took this video of the final walkthrough. Ruffles! Flats! Sequins! I’d like to hear your thoughts on the new Marc Jacobs collection.

Meanwhile, I made a little cameo appearance here…

I’ll tell you what happened backstage in a bit.

Moar pictures to follow!


  1. i love you, i hate you, i want to be you! the mj show was so amazing! please update on the backstage gossip asap!

    xx, celeste

  2. Beautiful – one of my favourite collections. The beautiful fresh, feminine color palette, the ruffles. Exquisite detailing with the frills too- the close-ups are breath taking. Has definitely inspired my spring wardrobe.
    And you look STUNNING in the video, BB -so svelte and chic!

  3. Apparently my laptop is jealous of you and I can only leave comments from OTHER peoples computers.
    God laptop- stop being a bitch!
    Anyway… Juat wanted to say i heart you and your blog. Keep up the good work. You look PHENOM at NYFW!

  4. you are lucky you have come along way, I don’t like perez though he was trying to steal your spot light but looks like shamoo big bird next to you lol..

  5. Great vids This show was amazing i love everything marc has done with LV

    Im loving the blog by the way i just recently started an all mens fashion blog because its lack there of….well of good ones atleast! but i do illustrations and have interviewd some new models so check it out i also wanted to illustrate you for my series let me know if i can thanks, ciao!

  6. i love this collection even more seeing it on’s just different when the clothes move. i laughed on your “it’s true” comments, like you were speechless.
    sideways-your new nokia OVI Ads are all over the print media right now, and did you just line veejay floresca’s name with balenciaga and lanvin? he should be thankful for that.


    OMG I kept seeing you everywhere! I snapped so many photos of you! Hhahaha But the collection was amazing! SO FRESH! I, myself was getting tired of all the girls trying too hard to look punk…Hhahaha Oh, and you’re also featured in the NYC highlights video at!!

  8. Hated it. The models looked like clowns. If I saw any of them walking down the street in nyc, I would laugh out loud and I don’t think I would be alone.

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