Kasia Struss in Milan

Written By bryanboy

Kasia Struss in Milan

Finally arrived in Milan. I sat a few seats behind Kasia Struss on the flight from NYC and I took this shot outside the airport. I keep on seeing this gorgeous lady!! First at the V Magazine party and now this!!!

Kasia Struss

She's with this rather, um, mature, gay gent who reminded me of Andy Warhol but Andy he is not. The guy she's with was hysterical! He went on and on and on how Air France flight attendants are dominatrix sadists. His voice was so loud you'll have to be deaf in order for you not to understand what he was saying.

The adventure continues…

Meanwhile…. guess who's getting a first class seating upgrade at the Dolce & Gabbana + D&G shows this week? *wink*

PS. Can I just say I love Kasia's legs? OMG I swear to god I could wrap my hand around them. I want legs like hers!!!!

PPSS. I don't know if it's me or not but I just paid 100 euros for a cab ride from the airport to the city center….. is that normal? eeeeek!!!!


  1. Did you get to the Malpensa airport? If so it’s completely normal. It’s far from Milan! You could have gotten the bus…
    See you in Milaaaaan!

  2. yes unfortunately it’s right, I’ve never seen you but I admire you so much, I hope to see you at a show in milan!

  3. OMG if you took malpensa express with 11 euros u’d be at cadorna station, which is 15 euros away by cab from every place that matters in town!!!
    what a foool

  4. Malepnsa Express was an option but I have 2 very very large suitcases and four extra bags. Can you take the baggage trolley with you on the train? No. Will you carry my bags to the train AND out of the train? No.

  5. AdhiPuTaw

    That’s Kasia? She looks different and older without make up. Or maybe she just has another face that she only turns on when she’s on the runway. :p

    I like Kasia’s walk. I think it is unique. It looks very energetic, vibrant, childlike, and innocent. She’s a top model alright. But for some reason I haven’t got a really strong, supermodel-in-the-process vibe from Kasia, which I got from her contemporaries like Karlie Kloss.

    But I dunno. Perhaps reading and idolizing US Vogue have biased my view.

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