Bricks Versus Clicks

Written By bryanboy

Bricks Versus Clicks

Just going through my usual dose of fashion news online… D&G shows some major online love, even placing's CEO front row at their show yesterday afternoon.

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From today's Women's Wear Daily:


are now officially front-row material. At least that was the case at
the D&G show on Thursday, where Neiman Marcus’ Burt Tansky and
Saks’ Steve Sadove and other retail heavyweights were accommodated in
the second row, and further back for fashion directors. In front of
them were four high-profile bloggers — The Sartorialist’s Scott
Schuman, Garance Doré of, Tommy Ton of
and Bryan Boy of And to make their job easier, two desks
and four laptops were set up right in front of them, entirely
operative, as there's no time to waste in cyberspace.

From Wall Street Journal's Christina Binkley (via twitter):

  • Arrived in Milan from LA in time to change my shoes and race to DandG. Always weird to see the Saks execs sitting 2nd row in Europe.
  • Well, Saks may be 2nd row at DandG (so am I), but Bergdorf's and Neiman are 3rd. Correlation to their sales? Milan fashion week.
  • Honestly – It's a
    new world order: federico marchetti, ceo of online retailer Yoox, is
    front row at D+G. saks, bergdorf, neiman's, aren't.


  1. You’re lucky indeed by just being there at the show and what a gyp you are in front row together with the satorialist. I’m jealous, envy, green. You really scare the freak out of me. What magical power do u have. je ne sais quio or what?

  2. Wow, definitely times are changing…for good, of course!!

    I’m so glad that finally, bloggers work and efforts are being recognized. I hate when people criticize bloggers by saying “that’s just a hobby…that’s not a real job”… well, IT IS! Is not easy to be a blogger, and is even more difficult to be a successful one.

    I’m so happy for you guys, I’m proud :)

  3. I am glad you finally made it big, you deserve it, althought I miss those pictures of yours where you used to go out and show us your outfits, those were the great times, at least I think. Hopefully one of this days you will surprise me, I have you on my Google reader, so I’ll be waiting…

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