You get what you paid for.

The highly-controversial oversized fox fur collar I ordered from China arrived last week. TBH, I don’t know what to call it. Scarf? I dunno. I can’t call it a wrap or a shawl either because it’s too small to be a wrap. Not sure about collar because it’s too big to be a collar. Whatevs. 

Black fox fur collar

As I’ve previously mentioned, I got it in black because it’s a classic.

Click click click!

I love it!!! It’s made out of real fox. It’s soft, thick and fluffy. Not super soft though like chinchilla or sable but it’s still soft nonetheless. It’s softer than fake fur, that’s FUR sure.

Delivery was fast and I didn’t pay any duties or taxes of any kind.

The collar itself is very lightweight.

Black fox fur collar.

My only gripe is that the material they used on the opposite side of the collar (and the ribbon) feels cheap.

Black fox fur collar.

I think it’s nylon or some sort of (very) synthetic fabric. It looks synthetic, it feels synthetic. It’s not very soft to touch, you know?

Black fox fur collar.

But then again, you only wear this collar when it’s super cold outside.

I’m definitely gonna have the lining and the ribbon replaced with a much softer fabric.

Black fox fur collar.

Overall it’s a good purchase. For the price — US$99.99 + shipping — expecting it to be lined with cashmere, silk or satin is totally out of the question.

Hmmm.. now I wanna  buy it in other colors too. Or maybe buy a few more in black and turn it into some sort a vest or gilet. Haha! Nevertheless, I can’t wait to wear it when I go on a winter holiday in the next few months. Unless someone wants to buy me an all-expenses paid vacation to oh I dunno, Czech Republic or Moscow in the dead of winter, now all I need to do is save.