Victoria Beckham for American Idol?

Written By bryanboy

Victoria Beckham for American Idol?

I'm not the biggest American Idol fan and I don't really watch television but oh my nerves, gimme Victoria Beckham any day!!!

Thinspiration Victoria Beckham for American Idol

Isn't she thinspirational or what? I love her!!

photo credit: ap via dlisted


  1. Oh Paula Abdul is demanding a 10mil paycheck and Idol offer her 4mil max. So I guess Posh paycheck is not more than 4mil.

  2. Dido! Give me VB any day, the girl is funny and down to earth. And we love to see what the girl is wearing!

  3. now i’m even more thrilled to watch american idol. i don’t like her but imagine the fun she’ll bring to the show,. the outfits,God, when is it airing? i hop she judges the contestants not on their voice but on what the

  4. AliCatts

    Victoria is hot and so is her husband!! I love the kinda reminds me of these dresses that these twin designers in NYC make…u should check it and tell me what you think @

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