1. in my third world birth country there would be kids selling bottled water, car and phone accessories and even chandeliers when traffic was backed up. and it got me thinking, why don’t they do this in the US? i mean how many times have you been sitting in traffic, whether in the city or on the highway and you’ve been like, damn, i really would like some cold bottled water right now…or a chandelier.
    i mean, right?

  2. And it’s going to get worse. Your Family Planning Bill is going nowhere, with the opposition of the Roman Catholic church to condoms in particular, and their black propaganda claiming massively inflated failure rates. The net result? The birth rate will continue to explode and so will the traffic. Well, BB at least you are doing your bit for birth control. Good for you!

  3. Lol, you haven’t driven in New Orleans lately..they will wash your windshield, sell you weed, crack and their children!

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