Tationil Glutathione Injectables

Written By bryanboy

Tationil Glutathione Injectables

I’ve heard about this whole glutathione rubbish a long time ago. Here in Asia, there are many, many, probably millions of people obsessed in having lighter, fairer skin. It’s hysterical that some go to extreme lengths in skin whitening and skin bleaching. But hey — it’s their happiness, not mine, so who am I to judge? Quite frankly, I don’t care that others do it. I’m very much happy with my skin colour and I’m not obsessed with it. I’m probably the last person to go through treatment specifically targeting the colour of my skin.

Tationil Glutathione Injectables

Tationil Glutathione Injectables

After weeks of a friend trying to brainwash persuade me in give this thing a try, I finally caved in yesterday afternoon. Based on what I’ve read on the internet, glutathione is a harmless substance so why not give it a (literal) shot? I thought I’d try it out for the health benefits. Studies say that glutathione is a powerful antioxidant… and that’s exactly what I need because I’m a heavy coffee and tea drinker, I have poor eating and sleeping habits, I smoke like a chimney and I do not exercise.

I’m gonna give it a few sessions to see what happens. I’m kinda worried about the skin lightening side effect…HELLO AYOKO MAGING MULTONG BAKLA…but there’s always the fake tanner for that.

Oh the things that we do to our body…

Have you tried these glutathione injectables? What’s your experience?


  1. Filipinos are obsess with trying to look like westerners.
    When you get your “white” skin, put on a pair of blue contact lenses and see how far you’ll go as a haole.

  2. blablahell

    Ok well one reason why filipinos are obsessed with looking spanish and not scandinavian 8-) is because most of the mixed spanish are better looking in the philippines.

    where as other asian countries that have no western connection what so ever, want to be pale white are obessed. filipinos are more brain washed than obsessed, people need to get their facts right.

    -from a swedish person thats actually traveled the world

    ps BB… stop this injectable while youre still tanned…

  3. :))) Hindi ako nagkaron ng phase na gusto kong maging sobrang mapute. Hello, multongBakla nga! :))))
    I want to try being white though; because more colors look sane on fairer skin! :D

  4. trinette

    people are hardly ever content. white people want to be tanned while brown people want to be white. it’s ridiculous.

  5. martinsphere

    Eat organic foods.. or food that is high in antioxidant nalang instead of you doing that turok-turok thing… It’s ouchyyy kaya…


  6. i agree with trinette “people are hardly ever content. white people want to be tanned while brown people want to be white. it’s ridiculous”
    it’s the same with black people, there are creams that are advertised to help “lighten scars” but people will use it to lighten their skin. i find it the same for all cultures of colour; if you look at any beauty/fashion magazine you’ll often see ads for these lightening products and treatments.
    like bryan, i like my shade of brown and to be honest, i even love getting darker in the summer! it’s just too bad it’s not good for you… i don;t obsess over it though.

  7. teecake

    give it a miss. don’t do it. the only reason your ‘friend’ gave you it for free was so you talk about it/publicise it on your blog.

  8. yeah..i have…my skin lightened..but i had pimples with pimples with pimples…good luck!!

  9. sunnypink_02@yahoo.com

    ..my cousins are using those exact glutathione plus the vitamin c that went along with it.. effective naman yun, if “religiously” done with maintenance.. =) naging fairer yung skin ng cuz ko taz medyo pumantay na yung color ng skin nya pero masyadong maluho noh.. goodluck na Lang dyan.. =)

  10. glutathione is a lifetime commitment, if you don’t take it regularly, your skin goes back to its original color. but i love it, i feel healthy haha after the injection

  11. how exciting. keep me posted!
    i want to know the results!
    p.s: did you get this stuff online?

  12. does it improve the quality of the skin? i have pimples that i really want to get rid of. for good.

  13. hey bb, how much did u pay for? where? share naman! post pix and update us the effecr ha! :)

  14. joe yonatan

    did u take double dose of that stuff? u just got way too much i think hun.. i get them once every 2 weeks, i used to take Tation’ once a week, but after 10 times with that once-a-week session, my doctor recommended me to change the habit into once every 2 weeks. AND, u have to take them along with vitamin C to get a max’ result. Stay away from shrimp for 24 hours after u got ur self injected. TRUST ME, u wont get ur skin color like after got a sun bathing for a week non-stop! ;)

  15. From my experience with specifically Tationil injectables, it brightens skin tone, not necessarily whitens your skin. It’s very effective if you want your skin complexion to be noticed from a distance. Although it’s better if you use the Metathione reduced gluta. brand from Japan since it’s refined. Always remember to intake Vitamin C, E and if possible A to stimulate glutathione recycling in the body. It’s a naturally occuring substance in the liver.

  16. Dont fool us….if you really want antioxidants there’s vitamin a,c, e and grapeseed extract…. i use gluthatione too but just to even out my skin tone…. if you really want to be a health buff stop smoking and exercise…..

  17. Doesn’t Michael Jackson’s story teach people anything? He was a good looking black man then he ruined his look and looked like a weird white woman.
    If God makes you certain color, your feature goes well with that color. If you change it, you will look freaky like MJ.

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