Swedes are scared of Adina Fohlin!!! Apoliva Apolivareklamen

Written By bryanboy

Swedes are scared of Adina Fohlin!!!

Remember Adina Fohlin, the ferosha Swedish model with killer eyes from many, many years ago? I love her during the Tom Ford for Gucci era. To me she’s THE Gucci girl back then.

Adina Fohlin for Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche ad campaign

She has a new commercial in Sweden (Apoliva) for a company called Apoteket, a supermarket chain.

According to the Local, over 100,000 Swedes joined a facebook group called “Jag är rädd för tjejen i Apolivareklamen” or “I am scared of the girl in the Apoliva commercial” when the ad aired in Sweden.


Are you scared of her?

Maybe it’s just me but I actually find her beautiful and enchanting.


  1. Poor Adina!!! I love her :( she’s so stunning. And stunning is about as close as she gets to ‘scary’ for me

  2. Apoteket means pharmacy or drugstore, the product is called Apoliva. It means the product is available in drugstores. :)
    Yeah, she looks scary in that ad. Doesn’t seem appropriate for a cosmetics ad.

  3. Apoteket is also the name of the national retail chain that used to have a monopoly on most pharmaceuticals. Apparently it doesn’t anymore so I’m not sure how it works. But basically it’s still the place to go for pharmaceuticals.
    Also I really like the ad.

  4. thre is something about adina that i don’t like but i don’t know what that is even before when she is stll doing runways.

  5. 15 seconds of original material, which were cut from this TV ad, shows the woman climbing out of a well before singing those haunting lines.

  6. “climbing out of a well” ??!! wtf, the ring anyone?! she is scary yes

  7. To be really honest, I got a little scared, but I noticed that it’s because of the lighting. The shadow it casted seemed to turn Adina into something sinister.
    Truth be told, else,my dolce fragrances turn old (charing!), I agree with you BB, her eyes are enchanting, in fact I was staring at it rather than the products.
    I think i said a lot :))

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