Seth Rogen's Weight Loss

Written By bryanboy

Seth Rogen’s Weight Loss

Check out this video of Seth Rogen at Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he talked about being rejected by Megan Fox. Am I the only one shocked with Seth Rogen’s weight loss? Forgive me for saying this but there’s something attractive in him. And I’m not even into bears! I think it’s that homely factor in him… the average joe type of guy who won’t complain when you command them around like a slave dog the whole day… and still give you back rubs at night.

Click click click!

This is how fat he was before…

Seth Rogen fat

… and this is him way back in the dark ages.

What do you think?

*photo credit: getty images via nymag


  1. The Hollywood Looks Machine claims another!! Of course since I live here, my oh-so-obvious answer is that I like him skinnier…

  2. Jews do it better

    Something attractive in him? Are you kidding me? Seth Rogen is hot. Don’t sell him short. Jewish hot. What is it about those funny Jewish guys I found sooo attractive!! I’m moving to Israel.

  3. i thought he was hot even when he was chub-o. now i feel a bit better about it because maybe i’m not the only one thinking it now. it’s his vibe!

  4. Of course he’s hot! I’ve been saying this since he was chubby. Finally some of you see it. There’s just something very genuine about him that you don’t get a lot in hollywood. Plus of course — the funny factor. ;-)

  5. Why the hell are all the comments here about how hot he is? I just stumbled upon this site but I’m getting the idea that it’s full of teenage girls

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