Prizmic and Brill

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Prizmic and Brill

I don’t usually venture out beyond the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 5. I’ve been hearing great things about Prizmic & Brill from friends so I thought I’d check it out and I’m glad I did. It’s my new favourite shop here in Manila and yes, they allow photos to be taken inside. Hah!

Prizmic & Brill

So chic this store. Click click click!

Prizmic & Brill is a furniture company specializing in all sorts of glorious goods. You’d be surprised to know that everything is made in the Philippines. Their factory is located in Pampanga.

I apologize for the quality of my Nokia N97 photos but I was lazy to bring my camera.

As for me, I’m obsessed with their travel goods — luggage, trunks (yes, but used as home decor), suitcases and bags. For instance, these cases are just wayy too stunning. Imagine traveling with five of these but alas, my bargaining skills are subpar when it comes to excess baggage fees.

I have my eyes on these vintage-like oversized binocular cases which function as cute little sling bags. They’re gorgeous in real life!

Prizmic & Brill Binocular Cases

Prizmic & Brill Binocular Cases

Remind me to buy them next week when I visit the store again.

Prizmic & Brill
3/F Greenbelt 5 Makati Philippines
Phone: 63-2.729.8915


  1. kachkitty

    they have a great history too! :) the brand’s been around a long while. a local wife with a foreigner husband who appreciate our resources more than the locals :)

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