Oh, the Irony! Missoni Display at Adora Greenbelt 5

Written By bryanboy

Oh, the Irony!

My friend and I walked past Adora store (are they making money?) at Greenbelt 5 yesterday afternoon and I stopped to take a photo of the Missoni window display at the entrance. Within seconds of me pushing the button on my phone, the doorman came up and said the usual ‘photos are not allowed, inside or outside the store’ nonsense, hence the blurry shot. Oh, the irony!

Missoni Display at Adora Greenbelt 5

I feel so naughty.


  1. Re-Missoni. Need their Profit and Loss sheets for 12months to see what’s going on but how are they relevant to market ?
    I personally can’t see where they can be placed, boho-chic? resort wear? some-colourful-top-to-break-up-the-black wear?
    Maybe good for the first foray into Label-wear but i mean, why would you wear clothes that look like you’ve been standing infront of a television test-pattern for too long and anything else from them isn’t very memorable .
    Your thoughts BB?

  2. let’s give adora another year.maybe next year only the third floor will be left.lol.
    why do SSI stores very strict on taking photos inside the stores.

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