Oh Country Road…

I wanted to go out last night but it rained bullets in my neck of the woods so I stayed in. I spoke to Shane in Perth where we played a little game of show and tell. Readers who are able to recognize what the “Big W pin” stands for and will get a kiss from me on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

Big W pin

Big W aside, our conversation moved to weather and fashion. He was telling me how it’s winter in Australia at the moment. I checked the weather in Perth and it was like what, 16 degrees celsius? Hardly winter if you ask me. But you know what, give me 16 degrees any time instead of rainy, 30-degree weather with 100% humidity.

He bought a sweater from Australian high street brand called “Country Road”. We were laughing how ridiculous and totally unnecessary it was for them to put “Italian Yarn” right underneath “Made in China” on the label.

Country Road Australia sweater

I guess there are some serious freaks out there who deeply care where their garment was made.

Personally-speaking, I’m a big supporter of the Chinese manufacturing industry and their fast ascent in becoming one of the world’s biggest economic powerhouses. I don’t mind that my phone is made in China, my lighters are made in China, my cashmere sweater is made in China, so on and so forth.

Some Lanvin garments, for example, are made in India but you don’t hear people complain about it because it’s Lanvin.

I’m not saying everything made in China is perfect. Of course not.
I just pity the narrow-minded few who have an anti-Chinese point of view and automatically stereotype anything made in non-Western countries as “substandard” or having questionable quality.

The way I see it is that wherever an item is made is totally irrelevant. Whether something is made in China, India, Italy, Japan or United
States, it’s all about having a set of standards and procedures and implementing them to the dot.