Oh Country Road…

Written By bryanboy

Oh Country Road…

I wanted to go out last night but it rained bullets in my neck of the woods so I stayed in. I spoke to Shane in Perth where we played a little game of show and tell. Readers who are able to recognize what the “Big W pin” stands for and will get a kiss from me on the cheek and an oreo cookie.

Big W pin

Big W aside, our conversation moved to weather and fashion. He was telling me how it’s winter in Australia at the moment. I checked the weather in Perth and it was like what, 16 degrees celsius? Hardly winter if you ask me. But you know what, give me 16 degrees any time instead of rainy, 30-degree weather with 100% humidity.

He bought a sweater from Australian high street brand called “Country Road”. We were laughing how ridiculous and totally unnecessary it was for them to put “Italian Yarn” right underneath “Made in China” on the label.

Country Road Australia sweater

I guess there are some serious freaks out there who deeply care where their garment was made.

Personally-speaking, I’m a big supporter of the Chinese manufacturing industry and their fast ascent in becoming one of the world’s biggest economic powerhouses. I don’t mind that my phone is made in China, my lighters are made in China, my cashmere sweater is made in China, so on and so forth.

Some Lanvin garments, for example, are made in India but you don’t hear people complain about it because it’s Lanvin.

I’m not saying everything made in China is perfect. Of course not.
I just pity the narrow-minded few who have an anti-Chinese point of view and automatically stereotype anything made in non-Western countries as “substandard” or having questionable quality.

The way I see it is that wherever an item is made is totally irrelevant. Whether something is made in China, India, Italy, Japan or United
States, it’s all about having a set of standards and procedures and implementing them to the dot.


  1. I agree with you when you say that it’s stupid for people to resent asian-made garments (or other things) because of the stereotype of questionable quality, but i think it’s also that the garments etc may be being made by workers who receive extremely low wages with a very low working standard. when you buy a garment you also have to think of what that garment represents, and sometimes it represents cheap sweatshop labor: something that i, and i suppose other people, don’t want to display on my person.

  2. well, since he lives in aussie land, “big w” must be that big dept store in australia, when i visited my aunt, she took me shopping there.

  3. WOW, SUBSTANCE :-) I love it when you inject real good thought in your entries once in a while!

  4. Since Chinese made fake milk poisoned children and Chinese made pet food killed pets in America and Europe, since Chinese made fake medicine kills patients and Chinese made Cotton baby clothes are known to have over the standard limit formaldehyde and TV showed Chinese lab making fake eggs for their own ppl!!( it goes on and on and on…..) I would definitely want to know where and what my stuff are made of.
    Also as a product designer, I hate to see our ppl put effort , time and money on creating great design and Chinese immoral outlook towards copy rights just steals them to mass produce.
    If they treat their own babies and their own ppl like dirt, what makes you think they treat me, you and animals right? It is true that not everyone is the same, but as long as their government is encouraging this type of attitude by not taking anything seriously, then Boycott them.
    It is not being against Chinese as a race, it is against a certain type of attitude, do you understand?????????????
    Bryan you are turning to a sales person and I am losing you.

  5. Michael

    I agree with you in that WHERE a garment is made is not important, but I do think it is important to understand WHO the garment was made by, and try to avoid purchasing things that have been made in sweatshops (and unfortunately, China does have a high number of sweatshops). On a happier note, I was wondering your thoughts on this sweater- I found it and am debating whether or not I am loving or hating it! Any thoughts?
    Thanks for your advice!

  6. stan and kyle

    Alex beat me to it, and he didn’t have to Google it. WikiPedia backs him up by saying “Big W is the largest chain of discount department stores in Australia (by revenue and profit), with over 140 stores. It is a division of Woolworths Limited, the largest retailer in Australia.”

  7. Companies choose China as the place where they manufacture their goods because the labor cost in China is considerably cheap as opposed to other Asian countries.
    Yet why blame it all on China’s Labor force when in fact these companies (garment, cellphone and other companies) have their own quality control?
    Indeed China has a role in this substandard issue thing but we should also consider that these companies who employ Chinese services should have a stringent quality control in order to minimize or even eliminate this substandard products. ^_^

  8. Some designer brands have not been straightforward when it comes to where their goods have been made, as this piece from the New York Times has explained.
    In this world, buyer beware indeed. Simon Doonan said it best that we live in a non-critical age; it’s no wonder some of the fashion houses get away with some of the things they do.

  9. Isabelle

    well, being australian i can tell you that big w is in fact a department store similar to target, or wallmart!
    oh and btw Bryan i get the bus to school in the mornings and my travel route sees me walking up martin place, and when i see the westin i think or four post a while ago!

  10. hatingwesternhypocrisy

    well i dont know if youre a westerner or not but I find westerners to be so hypocritical. the chinese I find are much more honest with the rest of the world than say….America. while the americans and europeans spew propaganda about freedom and democracy, in practice this is not true. just look at the bush administration and what it did to the USA. I think western governments and westerners should stop critizing China and look at themselves and sort themselves out. secondly in the past it was china and india that were the first world whereas medieval Europe was the backwater of the world. during the past 3000 years the chinese have created more than half the world basic inventions and without those inventions europe wouldnt have gone thru the renaissance or industrial revolution. the point is that europe copied Chinese inventions just as the chinese are copying now. so stop pointing fingers. the chinese did not complain when europe copied their inventions

  11. mickey uk

    yeah i guess you are right but there should also be certain standards in terms of who manufacture the garments factory workers or cheap labour
    ps i think bigw stands for big willy lol

  12. Big W stands for Big Woolworths, woolworths being a grocery store chain, and Big W is like a Target store with clothes and cd’s, manchester etc.
    I go there for cheap stuff sometimes haha!

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