I need those Nina Ricci and Rodarte Fall 2009 shoes NOW. I am begging you.

Written By bryanboy

Nina Ricci and Rodarte Fall 2009 Shoes

The glorious folks over at New York magazine sent “real” women to test-drive some of the finest fall/winter 2009 footwear down the streets of Manhattan. Watch this video.

I’m begging you — I need, need, need, desperately need, those Nina Ricci and Rodarte shoes NOW! Is there any stylist out there who can hook me up with those? Please? Please, pretty please, with sugar sprinkles on top? I’m a size 40 — model size — just for your information.

Thank you.


  1. LOLOL
    I’ve never aaactually worn proper heels (as in anything over 2 or 3 inches) so those look intimidating to me…

  2. Man! By the looks of it, those shoes aren’t made for walking. Try to imagine walking on your toes for a long period of time. That would surely hurt. And you’re gonna be like what? 7 ft. tall? Goodluck on your search for those Nina Ricci shoes :)

  3. i looooove the nina ricci on the runway. go get them. how much are they worth?

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