1. Fur will always be glamourous. I’m with you, BB
    Also, there is no way I can respect an organization (PETA) which uses terrorist tactics to impose their beliefs on other people.

  2. Love this so chic dahling.:-] cannot believe people had the audacity to tell you off for posting fur on your own damn blog.

  3. cattirun

    peta are a bunch of hypocrits and there’s a lot of people jumping blindly on the “fur is bad” bandwagon and you see those people wearing leather or having meat. Animal activists get way too scary and on the criminal edge. The blog deceiver.com extends a lot on the peta and animal activist hypocrisy… a good read for all those anti-fur fans/freaks.
    As much as i love fur; I dont wear fur (because I’m allergic) but I love me some leather. Those photos are so ferosh.

  4. i’m not a big fan of fur, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. this is bb’s blog.. thus he is entitled to his opinions posted on his blog. these hypocrites need to get off his dick (metaphorically speaking), make their own blog and bitch about it there.

  5. Well it’s not that I am totally against fur but fur from China is a NO NO!!! The method they use to kill the animals is just terrible and the meat isn’t used for anything other than to rot on the side of the street. I’m not saying the even humane fur farms are all the sweet but fur from China should be avoided. Plus it might not even be real fox, probably a dog or the quality is very bad.

  6. Out of curiosity, do you not own any HIGH STREET garments? You know, Topshop, H&M, Zara and Gap?
    If so, do you know where they came from?
    And who made the same garments?

  7. I do not own any cheap high St crap and I certainly don’t buy or support Chinese freakin Fur. Why can’t you buy something classy ( classy to look at and classy in attitude )? I do not think Chanel, Armani or Gucci want in anyway to be associated with Chinese shit market. I do own an Armani silver Goat skin jacket, but that is it, I paid as much as it was worth as I know for sure non is Chinese. Who said don’t buy fur? I say buy it where it is done considering a little humanity. New Zealand is soon to ban the import of Chinese fur all together and that is why we call NZ a first world country.

  8. Maybe this look from the other angle clear things up a bit more: I love Diamonds, but would I pay much less to buy freakin Blood Diamonds? Cheap way to sell a soul ey?

  9. I do not own any cheap high St crap
    Good for you.
    I do not think Chanel, Armani or Gucci want in anyway to be associated with Chinese shit market.
    It’s interesting because last year, China surpassed the United States as the second largest consumers of luxury goods.
    And you do realize that Safilo, the Italian company who makes sunglasses for most of the fashion houses such as Gucci, Armani and more, produce their sunglasses in Chinese factories, yes?
    I do own an Armani silver Goat skin jacket, but that is it, I paid as much as it was worth as I know for sure non is Chinese.
    Funny you say that because Armani is one of the first designers who came out and is proud to say most of his merchandise are MADE. IN. CHINA.

  10. 1.the jacket is a goat skin and says made in Italy
    2.USA is made of 60% red necks that cant differ between gourmet food and fast food.They also eat 5 to 10 times more than other ppl on this planet.
    3. I bet you chinese sunglasses are as good as they get. It is their Fur industry we are criticizing
    4. Will you buy blood diamonds? Same for blood fur.

  11. No, I know where the fur from those companies come from, and I clearly remember the scandals involved with the fur they used.
    I’m in fashion and very familiar with the fur trade. I use to intern at Chado Ralph Rucci and his sable jackets were priced $300,000 and minks $200,000. He uses Pologeorgis and they only use fur from Canada and Russia, never China. They are “suppose” to use humane ways of killing but you really never know.
    I don’t have any problem with fur, I mean we all pretty much wear leather and I do love alligator and crocodile (Chado uses it by the truck loads) but whatever isn’t used is used for meat and sold. I don’t think people eat fox, or sable, or chinchilla.

  12. Like I said in my reply to BryanBoy, I LOVE myself some crocodile, alligator, and ostrich and I’m drying for the Balenciaga croc weekend motorcycle and a nice lambskin coat to match but I know that they’re not just killing the animals for just their skin and the methods of killing are close to being humane. I don’t have anything against China and totally know that a lot of fashion production comes out of the country but the way they just kill the animals is just horrific. That I do not support one bit.

  13. First you’re hating on the Chinese and now you’re hating on the Americans?
    Just because it says “Made in Italy” on the label it doesn’t mean it’s made Italy.
    Why don’t you buy the book Deluxe by Dana Thomas?

  14. For the record, Armani goat skin is not classy. If you want to be classy (as you say), why not buy furs from Fendi or J. Mendel or Revillon?

  15. What’s the difference between humane and inhumane methods of killing when both result to an animal’s death anyway?

  16. you know, in an alternate universe, an ostrich is walking around with a clutch made of your skin?

    I hope the product when you open is is sheer and falls off.

  17. Would YOU rather die by having your neck quickly snapped or a bolt quickly lodged in your brain OR being slowly skinned alike, thrown against a wall, or your leg caught in chicken wire and slowly rotting off while you try to eat it off?
    Enough said..

  18. The difference is similar to death sentence by Fire squad and death sentence by disembowelment like it was done in 15th century. May I ask your IQ?

  19. Are you crazy? Who hates Chinese or Americans? since when Criticising a behaviour is translated to hating? What is you IQ honey?

  20. ignorant-biyatch

    ok stop it people…
    this is getting too much hatred…
    i thought bryanboy.com is purposed to
    be an eazyriding blog…
    let BB loves his fur if he wants it…
    let you people hate fur if you want it…
    pretty worthless if u write your
    hating comment down here.

  21. Hey Smarty pants… class is in attitude, not in the label. What is your IQ?

  22. I don’t know what my IQ is. Out of all the commenters in this post, your behavior is appalling. There is nothing classy about making generalized statements about race or nationality (ie. “Chinese shit” or USA red necks). There’s also nothing classy in bragging your **precious** Armani coat and diamonds. Who cares?!?!?! No one is impressed with your shit so wake up and smell the coffee.

  23. “I do not think Chanel, Armani or Gucci want in anyway to be associated with Chinese shit market. ”

  24. If you don’t care about them, then don’t go buy the cheap un-ethical copies. If you bother going after cheap look-a likes then you care.
    You are right about generalising, but Charts and graphs are all about generalising, and when I say 5 to 10 percent, they are facts published by American insurance companies for health matters and eating habits. I smell the coffee you bet, it is you trying to change the subject smarty pants. It is known and documented that Chinese don’t care about morals much when it comes to copy rights and animal welfare,as well as human rights and these are facts also, genius.

  25. The same way as your Italian leather shoes died, Italian leather is famous for quality and I don’t think you see goats being skinned alive in Italy like they are in China, Mandy.Jan5555 is too much even to bother any more.

  26. honestly,
    you all need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
    if BryanBoy wants to wear fur from China, or fur from fucking hell, it’s his choice and his goddamn money.
    none of you fucking hoes are putting cash in this bitches pocket, so shut the fuck up!
    if ms.BB wants fur, mother fucker is gonna to get fur! bitch worked for her goddamn money!
    we all wear animal one way or another.
    who gives a fuck if this shit is made in china, or in the US, or in fucking Wintour’s backyard?!
    stop being cunts and move on with your life!
    there will ALWAYS be fur, there will ALWAYS be shit made in China…

  27. Please don’t generalize – that is almost RASCIST! Not all Chinese fur manufacturers employ the same method. Be informed, please. :-(

  28. Love, love, love that editorial.
    But anyway, people seriously need to stop complaining about fur. Its up to Bryan Boy what he puts on his own blog.
    People need to realise that there will always be fur. No matter how many protesters there are against it. I am a proud owner of a fur coat and I hope to buy more in the future.

  29. Lol, bryanboy, you just lost respect points from me (yeah, you don’t even care)
    It’s not because Carine Roitfeld decided to publish such an editorial that fur must be now totally acceptable.
    And it’s not because PETA fails badly that you must dismiss all anti-fur advocates as members of PETA.
    Even so, at least PETA is doing something.
    Your newest post really makes you look like one of those incredulous bitches in the street (and that gay boy in my english class) Please, don’t fuel the stereotypes.
    And for sensationalism’s sake, sorry for my [i]franc-parler[/i].

  30. I agree.
    Fur has always been around, it’s always been like a staple used in fashion.
    PETA is a new thing. It’s like Whole Foods, or the Organic foods movement, it’s a trend, a style, it might develop into something more, like conservation-awareness; but, Fur is fabulous.
    I mean, these people don’t have a problem with “fur” they have a problem with fashion. They have a problem with how monstrous, rich, over-the-top, and beautiful it is. These fuckers need to stick it out with their birkenstocks. I hate them.
    Taking a hit out on fashion, the way PETA does, is just missing the larger, scarier, and more relevant issues that have to do with preserving these animals and their habitats– which really has to do with incompetent western institutions.
    PETA is just a fraidy-cat trying to drum up support for itself. They’re huge sluts for money. Cold hard dineros.

  31. GO Bryan Boy

    Great editorial!
    I understand that PETA cares deeply for animals but sometimes, some of them act like animals themselves that they lose my respect everytime they throw stuff at people on the street who wear fur, ruining fashion shows, etc. It’s disrespectful. If you don’t wanna wear fur, fine, no one’s forcing you. But don’t force your ideals to other people. Besides, since the beginning of time humans wear animal skin to survive the cold weather — just like how we eat animals to survive.

  32. Wow my internet dies for a day and the BB comment section has turned nasty. The people up in arms about Brian liking fur MUST be new readers since fur is as much a part of this site as Baboosh and virtual oreo cookies. He likes fur you don’t big deal, I can’t help but think that the anti-fur brigade are the type of people who would prefer to donate money to PETA than Oxfam… talk about fucked up morals.

  33. To be honest, your views on fur are completely fine, and you’re right; stereotypes exist, no matter how much we would like to deny them. That being said, the most ridiculous comment you could have made is to ask someone for their IQ. I don’t know if English is your second language, but you are certainly in no position to be calling someone dumb. You capitalize random words, and your comments are filled with spelling mistakes. Simply put, your grammar is atrocious.

  34. There must be a lot of new readers fur is as much a part of this blog as virtual oreo cookies and Baboosh!

  35. Amen! Live and let live people! You hate it, then hate it, you like it, then like it! Might I add, it’s true there will always be shit made in China, but on occassion they have good shit too….:D I love you BB!

  36. There wouldn’t be no humans if we didn’t have fur to combat the cold during the ice age, no? So fur can be a good thing, let’s all join hands and say kumbayah…lol

  37. Tinuviel

    Those animal snuff videos that PETA circulates were staged. Nobody in their right mind skins an animal alive: it’s slow, dangerous, and ruins the fur with blood spatters.

  38. Wow, I cannot believe the bitchy response you posted back at us for expressing our views for your previous post…the editorial with raquel telling PETA to f*ck off, was directed at us? BB, man ive followed you for like 2 1/2 years now, we were (those against CHINESE fur) just expressing our views, and that response was just uncalled for…sorry mate, i loved your blog, but you have just lost yourself a reader…mind you i have been an avid supporter of your site, constantly reading EVERYDAY i dont think your response was so nice to your fans

  39. how can you not have fur and not have fashion………..

    russian sable, silver mink, asthrakan, chinchila, american lynx, and shahtoosh……….

    will always be worn by somebody, like it or not?

    life goes on ….. trends dies………fashion lives!!

  40. Boo fur….
    But these pictures are, for lack of a better word, bitchin’.

  41. There will always be wars, and there will always be pedophiles. So we should just let old men anally rape children after they’ve had their parents’ house bombed to shit. Right?

  42. mickelli~~~

    I am just going to say that I own a couple red and silver fox stoles… and as far as I know they are from Canada (not that it would matter to me if they came from China)…
    fabulous is fabulous. I don’t give a shit if that chinchilla was kept in a 24-karat gold cage, fed fresh organic produce and drank glacial springs water…If the floor length redingote it’s used on looks like a cheap slovakian knock-off it’s worthless.
    With all due respect (and believe me this is not meant to be offensive in any way … in fact i mean for it to be quite the opposite)… our very own blogger-extraordinaire hails from the cheapest most slummed-out country in the history of third worlds. (I’m Filipino myself) and there is no questioning Bryanboy’s quality ferociousness. It don’t matter where you come from – be it the upper east side with a silver caviar spoon down your gullet or from the sweat-drenched streets of Cebu drinking ice water from a sidewalk vendor – if you’re fierce… YOU’RE MOFUCKING FIERCE… Sometimes I think people hide their racist tendencies behind the fucking “made in the third world” label. FUCK the “made in” label…check that shit out, gorgeous ain’t it?
    That Paris Vogue editorial spread was one of my all-time favorites… We love our fur-friendly models… Raquel YOU GO GIRL, YOU GO!…. ain’t nothin better than a stunning girl with equally stunning political stances. Sometimes I think standing up for what you truly believe inspite of political correctness is the more liberal thing to do….

  43. The Chinese Fur videos are fake people, no one not even the media will touch this videos for the sole reason that there is no real evidence that they are actual events, it is called propaganda, not only to promote anti-fur protest but sadly creates a ripple of reactions where people condemn the Chinese, who are human-beings just like everyone else…
    Gaaads honestly maybe we should realize that these people need to survive that’s why they need to work in these factories fur or not. You donate a lot of money to stop cruelty to animals, but I think its better to donate your money and focus your protesters voice on helping these people instead, and maybe by doing so educate them on your love for animals (but you can’t always hope that they will understand your morals and norms with regard to animal cruelty because they have a different paradigm and sense of culture, but that does not make them less human or less civilized)….
    And seriously animals maybe victims but more importantly people also are…
    It seriously is just frustrating how some people just focus on what is just obvious, (the cute dogs dying and flayed alive etc.)when there are underlying political and humanitarian issues that matter, just know all sides of the coin before jumping on the emotional bandwagon….

  44. For that Armani leather jacket even it says it is made in Italy doesn’t necessarily mean that. If I remember correctly if least 5% of the product is made in Italy (lets say the example buttons are saw in Italy they can label it made in Italy) even most of the sewing most likely has been made in China.
    And what comes to fur. It has been always around and always will be!
    And if you don’t like it-don’t wear it! Quite simple really!
    And those cruel ways of killing animals in China. Well we all know
    that China is this really really small country with maybe 4 factories that
    make furs. So ALL of those 4 factories must use these cruel ways of killing
    animals, right?
    But IF China would be these really really big country there might be chance that there could be factories that don’t treat their animal in cruel ways, right?

  45. just came across this post— you may not like PETA, but a dislike for PETA is not an excuse to dislike animal welfare— you think PETA made up those videos? Either way, animal abuse for fur is wrong, people who keep using “radicals” as an excuse are just looking to get out of a tenuous ethical argument. There are many other animal rights organizations who are not like them anyway.

    Speaking of the video being “fake”– it seems to mean that if it was “real” then you would be against fur. But the abuse is very very real. Multiple investigations at different fur farms. If you don’t care for this evidence, just come out and admit you are trying to say animal abuse is OK. Don’t make excuses like, “oh this clip was totally fake. I’m going to go continue wearing fur.” Please, have some balls.

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