Miss Venezuela won Miss Universe 2009!

Written By bryanboy

Miss Venezuela won Miss Universe 2009!

OK. I'll post a recap later but congratulations to Miss Venezuela (Stefania Fernandez) for winning the Miss Universe 2009 crown!

Miss Venezuela won Miss Universe 2009. Stefania Fernandez

I wanted her to win and I'm glad she did.

However, in order to save international women from the humiliation and the embarrassment of losing in the future, why don't they just rename "Miss Universe" as Miss Venezuela Beauty Pageant?

Just my $0.02

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  1. xxernan

    I wanted Miss Kosovo to win! :(
    But yeah, she messed up with her answer. She looks like Audrey Hepburn btw.

  2. MISS VENEZUELAAAAAAA. i was so thrilled, i correctly predicted the top 3 ;)

  3. So am I, I thought Miss Kosovo will be the winner but unfortunately being famous and invasion of privacy sucks for her, she is dumb or confused.

  4. Mr. Universe

    Miss Venezuela sooooo deserved to win!!!! Her gown was gorgeous!!!!! I think it was a Rafael Cennamo gown….. That dress is the real winner!!!!!!!

  5. I felt that the translator effed up Kosovo’s answer. :( but congrats to Venezuela. I didn’t really like any of the responses to the questions actually. typical beauty pageant responses… :

  6. Miss Venezuela looks like Natalie Portman a bit. I wish Miss Kosovo won :/ If only her answer and her translator messed it up. She looks like Audrey Hepburn and her blue gown looks like from Audrey’s movie Funny Face.

  7. hatinDonaldTrump

    totally unfair, the judges didnt even bother to put at least one asian/african in the top 15. i smell racism.. sigh.. it would be nice if china, philippines or thailand got the crown, not like those gurls who had fake butts and boobs

  8. Venezuela is famous for most plastic surgeries in the world, they put a lot of effort in the girls who they want to win miss universe and miss world. It’s an entire industry! And they have this man who judge which girls are allowed to take part in the beauty contests, and they all have to have C-cups at least! And that makes it hard for them to get modelling jobs later, the fashion industry only wants slim girls with A-cups.

  9. ANYONE that watched the contest saw that it was fixed. Regardless of our opinions of what the contestants looked like (that one is for you “gege”, i am sure you are sooo beautiful yourself) it is obvious that it was fixed or the judges are not good at math!!! how do you give a contestant (Miss Dominican Republic) the highest scores on all categories, her answer is better if not the same as all the other ones and give the crown to one that consistently had mediocre scores!!! All 80 plus contestants are graded on different events before we actually watch the show, so obviously once they get to the top 15 is because they all have potential and they start getting graded live once the televised part of the event begins. Mathematically speaking, even if her answer was not the best (and it was 100% better than Venezuela’s answer which did not answer the question at all by the way) the average of her combined scores should have earned her the crown!!! Maybe they think the people watching are so dumb that they cannot add! You could tell the focus was not on the contest from the beginning. The “HOSTS” kept on emphasizing things like “what scandals will be created this year” as opposed to what things will go well in the contest. it is a shameful attempt to elevate ratings that have continuously declined in the past years, I will never watch this FIASCO again.

  10. ROx the scores arent cumulative.
    after top 15 they drop all of the scores, they do the same fter top 10 and top 5.
    I thought that Dominican republic should have won she was a a much prettier girl and she is very statuesque. out of the top 5 that was chosen i would have placed auastralia second and vENEZUELA third.

  11. I sure hope next year they will give Asian beauties a second look. Some deserves to be in the top 10, I think.
    But Oh, Miss Venezuela is really a beauty to behold! Congratulations! :-)

  12. LOL! a Miss Venezuela Pageant would be great!
    @ROX…If you want to talk about fixed contests, then you will need to also reference the US wins a few years back. at that time the US contestant was handing out “[her name here]Miss Universe” memorabilia from the second day she was there! Same with the Japanese contestant a couple of years ago. a Japanese company sponsored the event AND designed the crown, of course she was going to win!!
    Y’all need to remember that the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants are not what they used to be anymore. Mainly, due to their purchase by D.Trump. what more capitalistic can you get?!! Since he took over the US pageants and these two international ones, the events are just a show of capitalistic sponsorship and marketing. that is all.
    Look at what Trump did with the miss California this year. defending her with her soft porn photos, and the last US queen with her Drunk driving, but taking the crown from others.

  13. nealian0088@yahoo.com

    how com mis vene
    won da ms universe 2009
    she did answer da
    question incorrectly
    (kind of)
    ms aussie deserve
    da title
    (tho ms colombia was my bet)

  14. Miss dominican republic was beautiful but then again alot of domincan women are and I’m not just saying that becuase I am dominican lol

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